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USA Softball Insurance


As the National Governing Body for the sport of softball, ASA/USA Softball is committed to the goal of providing accident and liability insurance for all participants in the Junior Olympic (youth) program. The only way this can be accomplished is to individually register each participant in the program, including players, managers, coaches, assistant coaches and scorekeepers. Most other National Governing Bodies of youth sport programs individually register their participants, mainly for the insurance benefits individual registration provides. Therefore, to ensure that our youth players receive the insurance protection they need, ASA/USA Softball will be converting to individual registration (as opposed to team registration) for the Junior Olympic Program. Individual Registration will also be available to Adult teams and leagues in certain areas.

Each individual registrant will receive the following benefits:

Insurance :

  • $5,000,000 per occurrence limit of Liability Insurance, plus $250,000 Excess Accident Medical Insurance.
  • Coverage follows the individual throughout the calendar year for all ASA/USA Softball activities, even if you change to another ASA/USA Softball team.
  • Coverage extends to the team as an insured entity if all team members register individually.
  • Coverage extends to the leagues as an insured entity, as well as to league officers, if all league members register individually.
  • There is a 90/10 copay.
  • Coverage will follow the player through the current High School Softball season.

Other Benefits

  • Registers you with the ASA
  • Membership in an Olympic organization
  • ASA/USA Softball Membership Card
  • Each registered team receives a rulebook and a score book


1. When is coverage effective?

The master policy is effective January 1st to December 31st of each year. The registration and insurance are effective when your local ASA/USA Softball Commissioner receives the required information & payment. At that point, the insurance is effective back to January 1st and continues through December 31st. An important feature of individual registration is that as long as you renew your membership each year, the insurance plan will be continuous, with no gaps in coverage.

2. Do players need to register a second time if they change to another ASA/USA Softball team?

No, the individual registration will follow them for all ASA/USA Softball play throughout the year. One time registration covers them from the point the Commissioner receives the required information & payment through December 31st of the current year, regardless of how many ASA/USA Softball teams the player joins.

3. Does the insurance coverage follow a player who plays on another team or goes to play in a non-ASA sanctioned event?

  • Yes, the coverage follows the player who plays on a team that is registered with ASA/USA Softball for the current year.
  • Yes, the coverage follows the player if she/he goes on her/his own to play on an ASA/USA Softball registered team in an ASA/USA Sanctioned Tournament.
  • Yes, the coverage follows the players on an individually registered team if the team plays in a non-ASA sanctioned event.
  • No, the coverage does not apply if the player plays on a team that is not registered with the ASA.
  • No, the coverage does not apply if the player goes on her/his own to play in a non-ASA sanctioned event.

4. Are players covered while participating in tryouts?

Yes, players are covered prior to actual registration and payment. Be sure to individually register any participant that is injured during tryouts and include a copy of the individual registration form with the claim form in this instance.

5. Why do players need insurance if they have coverage through their parents’ health plan or other insurance?

ASA/USA Softball has made a commitment to provide accident and liability insurance to all of its participants in the Junior Olympic (youth) program, as so many other youth sports organizations do. One reason for doing so is that the coaches or managers of the teams and leagues cannot know who in their organization has other insurance and who does not. And even if they could, the situations in each family could change during the year, making it impractical to track.

Thus, all players are protected by an Accident Medical policy. This coverage is also designed to supplement any existing coverage the player may have. For example, this policy may pick up deductibles or supplement limitations of the primary coverage. If no other insurance exists, then this coverage would become primary.

There is also a $5,000,000 per occurrence limit of liability insurance coverage to protect the players, coaches, team and league against lawsuits arising out of their softball activities.

6. What proof of ASA registration and insurance is provided?

Each person receives from their Commissioner an ASA/USA Softball registration card with their name, date of birth and insurance deductible printed on it. On the back of the card is information regarding the insurance coverage and the number to call in case of an accident claim.

7. Why is Individual Registration better than Team insurance?

  • It’s less expensive.
  • There is only one age group.
  • Registration fee is included.
  • Coverage follows the player when he/she plays on another ASA registered team or in an ASA sanctioned tournament.
  • Whereas with team coverage, players must play on a team that has ASA insurance in order to be covered.

8. What do we do if a player quits the league after we have submitted the information and payment to ASA/USA Softball?

Once submitted, the registration and insurance continue for the remainder of the year and may not be canceled. That person would be covered for any ASA/USA Softball activities during the year.

9. How do I obtain Certificates of Insurance so my team/league can use softball facilities?

Requests for Certificates of Insurance naming field owners as

Additional Insured’s should be requested from your Commissioner.

10. A registered youth coach also plays on an ASA/USA Softball slow pitch adult team. Is the coach covered when playing?

No, the coverage is only in effect for his/her coaching activities with the youth team.

11. Whom do I call for more information?

The first place to go with questions on individual registration

is to contact your local ASA Commissioner. He or she can answer questions about the cost to register, how to get started in your area with individual registration and update you on the status of your registrations. For other questions about the insurance plan or claims, please contact Bollinger’s ASA Department at 1-800-526-1379.