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Hall of Fame

Nebraska Softball Hall of Fame Members


Bob White  - Player – Florence, AZ

Bob White excelled as a Fast Pitch softball player for more than twenty years during the 70’s and 80’s – often thought of as the golden age of Men’s Fast Pitch in Nebraska. He was widely respected as one of the best catchers of his era, helping his pitchers by knowing the opposing hitter’s weaknesses, calling the right pitch, and setting the right targets for them. He was also known for his legendary ability to get a bunt down and advance a runner in many critical situations. Bob also hit for average, touting a lifetime average of .310 while playing at the top level of competition during his entire career. He earned several tournament MVP and All-Star awards.

Bob played in Lincoln for the Stan’s Lounge, Bouwens Plumbing and Snyder Industries teams who won eight league titles, two state championships and were very competitive in several ASA Regional tournaments. He is fondly remembered as a great teammate and an ambassador of the game.    

Ryan Elrod  - Player - Omaha, NE

Ryan Elrod is one of the greatest Slow Pitch players to ever play the game in Nebraska. While he excelled playing defense, he was feared when at the plate. He possessed the speed to cover the ground needed to make a defensive play in the outfield and an arm that was both strong and accurate. As a hitter, he hit for both average and power. In fact, many regard Ryan Elrod as THE best power hitter that has ever come from the state of Nebraska. Here are some of his accomplishments: lifetime batting average of .685, 1145 career home runs, named to 11 straight Al Hawthorne league all-star games (and named MVP in five of those 11), led the Hawthorne league in home runs in eight of ten years, won 10 gold glove awards and won the batting title five times.

Ryan played for Prospector, The Steakhouse and T’s 13 during his Nebraska career. During his days with The Steakhouse, his team won six Nebraska ASA state titles. While playing for T’s 13, he was part of the team that won the 1997 ASA Class A National Championship held in Florida. Ryan was named 1st team All American in that tournament while batting .845 with 18 home runs.  

Roni Wobken  - Commissioner - Scribner, NE

For 30 years Roni Wobken has served USA Softball of Nebraska as a Commissioner. Her dedication to the sport, and service to all the teams that have counted on her for guidance, communication, support, and advice, uniquely qualifies her for being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Roni has served USA Softball as a District Commissioner, Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee, and currently holds the position of State Junior Olympic Commissioner.

Her passion and love for the game is without parallel. Outside of her service to USA Softball, she has given countless pitching lessons and softball clinics, coached numerous youth softball teams, was instrumental in building the Scribner softball complex, and helped start the high school softball program at Logan View. Despite all these accomplishments, she will best be remembered and admired by those who have crossed her path for the positive influence she has had on so many lives.    

Lee Faaborg  - Manager – Grand Island, NE

Lee Faaborg managed Men’s Fast Pitch teams for over 25 years in Grand Island, NE. Between Class B, Class C and Men’s 40-over divisions, Lee’s teams have won 16 league titles, 11 state tournaments, 2 regional tournaments and 1 national championship (in Hastings in 2001). His career won-loss record, with Home Federal and Time Out Sports is an impressive 947 wins against 699 losses, or a winning percent of 74% of his games.

Lee’s players describe him as a great third-base coach and praise his organizational abilities to coordinate team travel, entry fees, uniforms and equipment and getting information out to all the players. According to one player, all of Lee’s work “left the guys on the field to worry about nothing other than playing the game we love!”   

Darren Dubsky  - Player - Omaha, NE

For over 30 years, Darren Dubsky was one of the most accomplished Fast Pitch pitchers of his time. While throwing for multiple teams in the Midwest, the Clarkson, NE native racked up over 1,000 wins and 12,000 strikeouts on the mound. If Dubsky was on your roster, your team had a great chance of winning the tournament. In playing in nine Nebraska State championships, his teams won eight of them. While playing in six Iowa State Championships, his teams won five of them. Darren competed in 25 ASA or ISF national tournaments in all, being named the tournament MVP at ASA Nationals in 1992 and 1993. He also logged 34 perfect games, 107 no-hitters and had 8, 20+ strikeout games in his career. While throwing in the Lincoln league, he went undefeated in the league from 1998-2007. He also won an astonishing 96% of his games when throwing against Nebraska teams.

Already a member of the Metro Omaha Softball, Des Moines Softball and Iowa State Softball Halls of Fame, Darren Dubsky is a welcome and deserving addition to the USA Softball of Nebraska Hall of Fame.


Joe Morris  - Metorious - Norfolk, NE                           

When a younger Joe Morris burst upon the scene after his two year stint in the Army, many old-timers considered him to be a ballplayer's ballplayer and a throw-back to the Gashouse Gang days, by sliding and diving without missing a game for 10 years while amassing a 714 game playing streak on his way to a 1525 playing career with the Norfolk Flyers, who went on to finish 1044-481.  Nine of those wins came in a single day as his team battled through a 63-team losers bracket in the heat to win Districts back in the days when teams had to qualify for State, finishing the tourney 11-1, and yet another State Appearance, that totaled 19.  During his 38 year playing career, not only did he go 9 for 19 in 7 All Star games, but he collected the most documented triples outside the Major Leagues with 151.  He also amassed 2,404 hits while turning nearly 400 double-plays from his second-base position, and his 2666 fielding assists included feeding-the-pivot man to total 628 career DP's and 5 triple plays.  Of his 6207 total fielding chances, he was seen making bare-handed plays and back-to-the-infield running catches into the outfield seem almost routine.  Needless to say, he was just one of the many sparkling players from Norfolk and Northeast Nebraska, who made the game exciting to watch. He went so far as to have softball playing cards, complete with statistics and action pictures, made up for his entire teams. A huge Chicago Cubs fan, Joe built a replica of Wrigley Field in his back yard, complete with dugouts and the green outfield wall, and regularly hosts anyone who wants to play whiffle ball at ‘Wrigley Junior’.

Dan Simmons  - Player - Omaha, NE

During Dan’s 20-year career as one of the premier fast pitch pitchers in Nebraska, he compiled a record of 834 wins against just 89 losses, competing at the Major and Class A levels for the vaunted Broken Bow Travelers. Between 1971 and 1987, he led his team to eight Nebraska ASA state championships and was their ‘Ace’ pitcher in some 27 state, regional and national tournaments.  Dan had all the pitches- fastball, rise ball, drop ball, a knuckleball that baffled many hitters, and by many accounts- a world class changeup. His command of all these pitches contributed greatly to help him throw one perfect game and three no-hitters and an impressive career ERA of 1.82. Dan was named as the Tournament MVP 32 times during his playing career.  

As if his playing credentials were not enough, Dan went on to become the head softball coach at Kearney State College and was at the helm when the college transitioned to the NCAA Division II level. During his stint as head coach from 1988 through 2000, Dan’s teams earned a record of 448 wins against 115 losses, including an NAIA National Championship in 1990.  

Brian Bruggeman - Umpire - Lincoln, NE                            

During Brian’s 25 years as an ASA registered umpire, he has umpired over 70 Nebraska USA state and regional softball tournaments and served as Umpire-in-Chief at several others. His high ratings at those tournaments propelled him to be assigned to an impressive 10 National tournaments, including two at the highest level. Among Brian’s many honors is being awarded the Kenny Znamenacek Award (for outstanding umpiring and community involvement), being inducted to the USA Softball National Indicator Fraternity, and he has been awarded USA Softball’s Elite Umpire Certification which is the highest level an umpire can attain on the national level.

Known for his professionalism, hustle, impeccable mechanics and command of the game, Brian truly deserves induction into the Nebraska USA Softball Hall of Fame. 

Ron Fittje - Player -North Bend, NE

Ron’s career as a fast pitch pitcher spanned an amazing 42 years, finally retiring from the mound at age 64. During that time, he won over seventy percent of his games, amassing over 1000 wins primarily for teams such as Hamm’s, West Point/Scribner Farm Supply and Silver Dollar. Ron’s teams won several ASA state titles and always went deep into the tournaments. Fittje effectively threw several pitches, and being able to change speeds on hitters was one of his strengths. He is a ‘lefty’ and was especially known for his rise ball that tailed up and in to right-handed batters making him very tough to hit.

During his early years, he threw for Hamm’s in the ultra-competitive Men’s Fast Pitch leagues in Fremont and Northeast Nebraska. Ron would regularly battle future Nebraska Hall of Fame pitchers Darrell Dubsky and Huk Herring. During one stretch, Ron’s team won the league championship and league tournament an impressive 10 straight years. These league games, along with several local town-team tournaments held in towns like Clarkson, Leigh, Uehling and Creston, would routinely draw hundreds of spectators for a Saturday night championship game. Ron always conducted himself with class and integrity and has been described as a ‘perfect gentleman’ at all times when on the field.

Dana Wendelin - Player - Omaha, NE                            

Known as a fierce competitor who always gave 100 percent, Dana earned the respect and admiration of teammates, opponents and umpires alike. Dana was an outstanding infielder and pitcher during a 30-year slow pitch career that produced a .650 lifetime batting average while always competing at the highest levels of ASA softball. Dana played for teams like The Prospector, The Steakhouse, Demarini, Doc’s and T’s 13. Dana was selected 11 times to the Al Hawthorne league All-Star team in Lincoln and named to numerous All Tourney teams during his playing days.

He played in a total of 64 State, Regional and National Championships. In maybe the most notable highlight of his career, Dana played on the 2001 T’s 13 team that won the ASA Class A National Tournament. He was instrumental in T’s success that week hitting .808 for the tournament and being named the 2001 National tournament batting champion.


Richard Kohmetscher - Meritorius - Lawrence, NE

Inducted in 2017, Dick Kohmetscher has been well known throughout south central Nebraska’s youth sports scene.  Beginning in 1972, Dick began coaching and managing Lawrence’s American Legion baseball program.  When a volunteer stepped forward in 1979 to take the reins of the Legion program, Dick opted to manage the girls softball program, as well as coach a team.  Amassing an estimated record of 450-165 over his coaching career, Dick coached hundreds of kids not only the fundamentals of softball but taught, by example, the many traits that would serve the kids throughout their life – work ethic, positive sportsmanship, humility, to name a few.

Serving the South Central League for the past 37 years, Dick has spent countless hours scheduling practices/games/umpires, coordinating field preparations, organizing concession stands, organizing fundraisers, recruiting coaches, evaluating and implementing league changes, and all the while encouraging girls to play softball and ensuring they have the opportunity to.  A true ambassador to the sport of softball, Dick has also inspired many former players to serve as coaches. 

The advancement of softball in South Central Nebraska is alive and well thanks to the selfless giving of Dick Kohmetscher. 

Dick Kohmetscher is now and forever a member of the Nebraska ASA Hall of Fame.

Kevin Killingsworth - Umpire - Fremont, NE

Inducted in 2017, Kevin Killingsworth has been a registered Nebraska ASA umpire since 1993.  Kevin has established himself as one of the top, well-respected umpires in the state.  As one recommendation letter read, “What sets Kevin apart from so many is that he is always consistent with the way he approaches the game.  In his mind, the 10-year old players deserve the same quality umpire that the top college level players deserved.”  And Kevin has been committed to umpiring at all levels – both slow pitch and fast pitch.  

Kevin has umpired in multiple national tournaments including the 2001 Men’s Class C Fast Pitch, the 2003 Girls 18U Class B Fast Pitch and the 2004 Men’s Class C Fast Pitch tournaments.  In addition, Kevin worked a 1995 Men’s Regional, 1997 Girls Fast Pitch regional, 1997 Mid-America Regional, 1999 Girls Fast Pitch regional, plus many others in Nebraska.  It is estimated that Kevin has umpired in well over 50 state championship tournaments.  Kevin has umpired Nebraska high school softball for over 17 years and worked the 2013 NSAA All-Star Game as well as served as the UIC for the 2015 NSAA State Championships.  At the collegiate level, has spent over 13 years umpiring NCAA Division I level softball for various conferences including the Big 10, Big 12, Missouri Valley, and Summit conferences.  He has been an NAIA umpire for 15 years and has worked in 4 NAIA National Tournaments, including the 2007 National Championship game.  Since 2013, Kevin has served as the GPAC assignor.

Kevin was named the Columbus Outstanding Umpire in 2001; received his ASA National Indicator Award in 2005; and was named the Ken Znamenacek Award recipient in 2005. Always willing to mentor and train new young umpires, Kevin currently serves as the Nebraska State Deputy UIC.

Off the field, Kevin continues to serve his church and community by assuming several volunteer positions – church council, Sunday school teacher, church choir to name a few.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Kevin Killingsworth is now and forever a member of the Nebraska ASA Hall of Fame.

Thomas Mace - Umpire - West Point, Nebraska

Inducted in 2017, Tom Mace has been a registered Nebraska ASA umpire since 1972.  Described as a legend by many fellow umpires, Tom not only had a strong grasp of the rule book, but also possessed intangible qualities that allowed him to be a highly effective umpire.  He had a strong work ethic, possessed good judgement, was very approachable by players, coaches, and other umpires all while carrying himself with a sense of dignity and purpose which yielded a sense of respect from everyone on the field.

Umpiring in more than 7,000 games in his career, Tom worked ASA Tournaments, District, State, National Qualifier, Regional, and National Tournaments. In addition to ASA, he also worked Nebraska high school games for more than 25 years as well as college softball at the Division II, III, and NAIA levels – including many Conference and Regional Tournaments.  Tom received his National Indicator Fraternity award in 2001 and was named recipient of the Ken Znamenacek award in 2004.

In addition to his time behind the plate, Tom also coached women’s softball, served on the softball board in West Point for many years, as well as the Fremont softball association. He was involved with the City Parks & Recreation department, West Point Central Catholic School Board, member and Commander-in-Chief of the American Legion, Forty & Eight Member, Red Cross 17-gallon blood donor, and Sportsman Club member

Tom Mace is now and forever a member of the Nebraska ASA Hall of Fame.



T.J. Martin-Player-Kearney, Nebraska

As a fast pitch pitcher for over 30 years, T.J. amassed a career that included 897 wins, 1,140 strikeouts, 3 perfect games, 5 no-hitters, and a lifetime ERA of 1.94.  T.J. pitched his first game at the age of 14…and proceeded to pitch his first no-hitter!   T.J. was the pitcher for five state championship teams.  In addition to his prowess in the circle, T.J. also excelled at the plate…with a career batting average of .385.

T.J. was known for his velocity and the late movement of his pitches in on the batter’s hands.  He threw a “heavy ball” that was hard to hit square on the barrel of the bat.  One of T.J.’s nominators…a former competitor and teammate, said “You knew T.J. was not going to give you anything that you could cleanly put in play.” 

T.J.’s enthusiasm for and commitment to the sport of fast pitch softball extends beyond his on-the-field acumen.  He has spent countless hours in promoting the sport by recruiting and teaching new players, including his two sons.  Additionally, T.J. has taken on roles as a league president, team sponsor, and team manager in order to continue the tradition which he is so passionate about.

One former teammate says “T.J. has excelled as a player on the field, a leader in his coaching experience, and as a role model to all he encounters”.

T. J. Martin is now and forever a member of the Nebraska ASA Hall of Fame.


Joe Votava-Meritorius-Lincoln, Nebraska

Joe’s career in fast pitch softball spanned 25 years from 1960 through 1984 and included roles as a player, umpire, manager, and even State Fast Pitch Commissioner.  As a player, Joe achieved a lifetime batting average of over .300 while playing with 3 different teams from 1960 to 1969.  Defensively, Joe was a catcher and had the opportunity to be the battery-mate for several no-hitters thrown by current Hall of Famer John Jackson.  On offense, one nominator described Joe’s “lightning fast speed and exceptional drag bunting ability to consistently frustrate opponents trying to defend him at the plate”.

Following the completion of his playing career, Joe turned to umpiring fast pitch softball for eight years.  He worked at the highest level of softball at the time and umpired numerous district, state, and regional tournaments.  As an umpire, Joe was described as a “Pro” by one nominator and he knew the necessity of coming to the games as prepared as any ball player did.  

After his years as a player and umpire, Joe turned to managing which included the opportunity to manage his two Hall of Fame sons Scott and Doug.  Joe’s competence and integrity were further noted when he rounded out his service to the sport by serving as the State Fast Pitch Commissioner from 1982-1984.

Joe Votava is now and forever a member of the Nebraska ASA Hall of Fame.

Don Rempe-Manager-Lincoln, Nebraska

Although being inducted into the Hall of Fame tonight as a manager, Don Rempe actually began his involvement in softball in 1972 as a player.  His playing career was spent with teams throughout south central Nebraska including Geneva, Hebron, Deshler, and Alexandria.  Don’s role was not only as a player but included managing many of those teams.  

Don’s coaching legacy was born in the 1980’s during his time in Hebron.  He began coaching girls’ softball teams at the youngest levels and continued coaching teams at every age-level through the mid-1990’s. His contributions during that time also included roles as tournament director, president of the summer rec board, fundraising, and field maintenance and improvement.  He is credited with that being the main force behind building Hebron’s summer recreation program.  He continued his coaching career in Lincoln in the late 90’s with Pius High School.  A nominator says “He has dedicated his life to teaching and coaching girls, not only about softball, but about life”.

While Don’s accolades as a long-time softball coach and manager speak for themselves, perhaps one of his greatest contributions to softball in Nebraska has been his willingness and tireless efforts to give back to the softball community by mentoring other young coaches and colleagues.  Don’s commitment and dedication to advocating for the sport of softball has allowed him to earn unmatched respect from virtually everyone he has associated with.  As one of his nominator’s mentioned, “I feel so strongly about Don Rempe’s life, impact on others, and visionary qualities that I’ll be as bold as to say those in the Hall of Fame will also be honored to reside with him”.

Don Rempe is now and forever a member of the Nebraska ASA Hall of Fame.



Dan Worley-Player-Camdenton, Missouri

Dan played ASA men's fast pitch major for over 35 years.  He played for Bouwen's Plumbing, Snyder Industries, Lincoln Merchants, Qualigraphs, and ART/FX.  These teams won multiple state championship titles.  Dan played right field for the MFP Major Division.  In the major division, many balls came down the right side.  Dan ran down balls that would usually be hits with his blazing speed.  He also used his speed to make singles into doubles and beating out a bunt.  Dan received numerous All-Tournament and All-City awards in the men's fast pitch major division.  Besides playing, Dan used his knowledge and taught and coached girls fast pitch in the 14 and 16 age group.  The Swingers/Hot Shots girls fast pitch team won multiple state titles and finished third at Nationals in 2001 and second in 2003.  Dan is an excellent player and coach.

Dan Worley is now and forever a member of the Nebraska ASA Hall of Fame.

Russell Williams-Player-Grand Island, Nebraska

Russell has played fast pitch for 37 years and is still playing today for MFP C Home Federal in Grand Island.  Russell started out playing in the outfield and in the early 90's he moved to third base.  He was known as "Bulldog", the best fast pitch third baseman in the state of Nebraska.  At third, Russell was known for his quick reflexes, rarely letting a ball get by him.  He could take away a bunt and had an accurate and strong arm.  Russell has a batting average of .330.  He can hit for power or for a base hit.  At the 2001 Men's Fast Pitch C Nationals, Russell was selected on the 2nd team All-American team for his performance at third base and batting.  Besides being a great player, his fellow players comment that he is a great teammate.  Russell is humble and carries a positive attitude; he makes everyone around him a better player.

Russell Williams is now and forever a member of the Nebraska ASA Hall of Fame.

Jerry Motz-Player-Lincoln, Nebraska

Jerry played ASA men's fast pitch softball at the major class for 22 years starting in the late 1950's.  Jerry played for Kings Food Host, Falstaff, Misty's and Lincoln Merchants.  Jerry was an eight time MFP major All-Star selection in the Lincoln league.  Jerry was a first baseman and also at times designated hitter.  He had a lifetime batting average of .336.  In his prime, Jerry was a flawless first baseman.  He could field a ground ball and catch any bad throws by his teammates.  Pitchers had a very difficult time getting him out as he rarely struck out and always managed to get the bat on the ball.  Jerry had a great knowledge of the game which made him an outstanding coach.  his teammates call him a competitor and leader of the team.  Jerry was a great asset to the MFP league in Lincoln.  He served seven years as secretary/treasurer and two years as the leagues president.

Jerry Motz is now and forever a member of the Nebraska ASA Hall of Fame.


Timothy R. Watts-Umpire-Lincoln

Before Tim Watts began umpiring ASA Softball in 1993, he was involved in ASA competitive softball as a player and coach.  Since becoming an umpire Tim has officiated in over sixty tournaments.  He has developed into an outstanding slow pitch umpire and travels throughout the Country umpiring ASA national tournaments as well as high profile invitational tournaments.  He has worked thirteen ASA nationals at some of the highest levels of competition.  He has served as the Umpire N Chief at five ASA national tournaments.  Following his sucess in umpiring and training Slow Pitch umpires Tim is now umpiring the fast pitch game.  He received his ASA National Indicator Fraternity Award in 2001 and his ASA Elite Umpire Award in 2004.  Tim’s biggest asset for Nebraska ASA is his willingness to give of his time and talents to help other ASA umpires throughout Nebraska achieve their umpire goals.  Tim evaluates many slow pitch umpires and provides input into ASA National Tournament assignments.  He is a mentor to slow pitch umpires across the State.  Tim is a great promoter of the game of softball for both players and umpires.  Tim is the Nebraska ASA district 9/9a Umpire N Chief (2003) as well as the slow pitch District Commissioner (2005) and Deputy State Umpire N Chief since 2010. Despite all his umpiring duties he still finds time serve as the softball director of the Cornhusker State Games a position he has held since 2009.  Tim has also been awarded the Russ White Memorial Sports Director of the year award, and Ken Znamenacek award.  Other sports officiating include: flag football, basketball and volleyball for The Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department.  Tim is employed by the City of Lincoln Department of Utilities Waste and Water since 1981.

Tim Watts will now and forever be a member of the Nebraska ASA Hall of Fame.

Doug Votava

Doug played ASA Men’s fast pitch softball 14 years as a catcher from the mid 1970’s through the 1980’s.  He played for the following Lincoln area teams:  Stan’s Lounge, Sweep Left, Bowens/Synder Industries and Lincoln Merchants and Qualigraphs.  Doug played in 14 ASA State Men’s Fast Pitch Major Championships and helped his teams win four state tournament champions and nine AAA League Championships. 

Doug often won Tournament MVP, league all-star and Outstanding Player Awards during his career while playing at the Men’s Major level.  He batted in the number two spot and could bunt or hit for power.  His life time batting average was .360.  He was a great base runner that could get extra bases with his speed.  Doug really excelled at the catcher position.  He caught for six current Nebraska ASA Hall of Fame pitchers.  Defensively as a catcher there was no one better behind the plate.   His ability to call a game and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the batters and pitchers made calling the right pitch his greatest asset.  Not only calling the game but his defensive abilities to stop passed balls.  He had an extremely strong arm and threw out 95 percent of runners that tried stealing on him.  Doug is a complete player with batting and defensive skills.  Doug currently volunteers for traveling baseball teams as well as working as a Division one basketball official.  

Merle Fisher

Merle began pitching fast pitch softball at the age of eight years

During his 35 year softball career he only played the pitching position. Throughout his high school seasons he was undefeated.  After high school Merle joined the Navy and traveled the world during his tour of duty.  He pitched for naval teams in Thailand, Korea, Hawaii, China, Guam and Japan as well as other countries.  His boot camp company the 0461 was undefeated.  After the Navy he returned home where he was recruited to play with Eddie Feighner manager of The King and His Court.  He turned it down because he could not travel and leave the family farm.  After the Navy he played in Nebraska for Syracuse, Sterling, Cook and the last ten years of his playing career he pitched for Table Rock.  His pitches were very deceptive and accurate and able to make the ball break in strange ways.  Merle was known for a great curve ball and off speed pitches.  Batters wanted to hit against Merle because he did not throw particularly hard.   Merle struck out many batters that underestimated his skill level.  He was an excellent pitcher and fierce competitor.  He was always a gentleman on and off the field.  If he did not agree with a call he just kept pitching without losing his temper.  He led his team with his sportsmanship and encouragement, which made everyone on his team a better player. Merle played in over 600 games and lost only 200.   Merle retired from pitching in 1970 due to an injury to his pitching hand.


Scott Votava -Player-Lincoln

Scott’s fast pitch playing career spanned 17 years. In that time, he was a .350 plus lifetime hitter with a pitching won/loss record of 500 wins and 60 losses. This included 11 no-hitters and 2 perfect games all in helping his teams to win league and state championships as well as other tournaments. Scott could do anything on a softball field, play any position, including pitcher and play it at the highest level. A real clutch player, who was truly gifted with as much natural athletic ability as anyone and gracefulness about him that would catch your eye and leave you thinking, this guy was born to play softball. Scott was the teammate who was always there for you, in both good and bad. He just loved playing the game and hanging with his teammates. 

Dwaine Ladwig-Commissioner-Shelby

Dwaine has served on the Nebraska ASA Board of Directors as the JO District Commissioner for District Five for the past 29 years. During his tenure, Dwaine has served on numerous Committees; coached, umpired when he has time and currently is the Nebraska ASA President. Many youth softball organizations have become well established with the help of Dwaine’s hard work and dedication. No matter what task Dwaine was preparing for he was always prepared, conscientious and it was done in a timely manner. Dwaine is known as the “By the Book” Commissioner as he is never afraid to make the tough decisions. If Dwaine is giving something to be in charge of or see through, it will get done and it will be done in a timely manner. People like his leadership because he is approachable and is always willing to listen.  Professionalism is important to him and that’s what has allowed him to be successful as a President and District Commissioner.  He is extremely thorough and spends countless hours doing his job as President and District Commissioner.

Guy Freudenberg-Player-Norfolk

During Guy’s 33 year fast pitch playing career, he amassed a lifetime batting average of .330 and a pitching record of 311 wins and 134 losses, which includes 6 no-hitters.  Guy could hit for average or power. He had great speed as well as a great arm. But Guy was especially known for being one of the best defensive players around. Guy was an excellent all-around player that could play any position on the field. His offensive skills were just as good as a hitter he seemed to always find a way to put the ball in play and get on base. Even though Guy was a fierce competitor, he was very well liked and respected by teammates and opponents alike. 

Lou Waltman-Player-Lincoln

Lou has played slow pitch for 47 years and is still playing in the Senior League.  Lou has a lifetime batting average of .600. Over the years, one thing always stood out, while he was highly competitive, Lou always respected the game.  He always remained calm even in adversity when the calls did not go his way.  Lou’s style of leadership was the same, calm and respectful in his decisions both on and off the field.  His attitude and approach to the game was play hard, enjoy the competition and respect your teammates and opponents alike.  He was a very solid base hitter but could hit the homerun when necessary.  Many consider Lou to be one of the pioneers of ASA Slow Pitch softball.


Jerry Maher – Sponsor, Lincoln 

Jerry Maher has been the sponsor for “Mahris Homes” softball teams for over 25 years. He has sponsored Men’s Slow Pitch Masters teams and occasionally Men’s Slow Pitch Class C or D teams. On average, Jerry will sponsor three teams per year for state championship play…some years sponsoring as many as five teams. Over 200 players have had the privilege of playing on Jerry Maher-sponsored teams. Mahris Homes softball teams have won 32 Nebraska ASA state championships and many more league championships. In addition to ASA-sanctioned softball, Jerry has sponsored teams in the Cornhusker State Games for the past 25 years. 

Over the course of his softball ‘career’, Jerry Maher has been a great ambassador to the Nebraska Amateur Softball Association through his dedication and leadership as a player, coach and fan. Jerry's teams have always respected the game and the other teams, fans, umpires & tournament staff. Through the years he has always strived to keep the word “Fun” in the game of softball. Mahris Homes was the team you always wanted to play, since win or lose you would always have “fun”. 

Jim Wambold – Player, Wahoo 

Jim Wambold played ASA Men’s Slow Pitch softball for 18 years in Lincoln as a shortstop. The majority of his time was spent playing on the Steakhouse softball team. Jim played in over 2,000 games and has 1,400 career wins, 8 State championships, and 3 State runner-ups. He played in 15 Regional and 5 National softball tournaments. His career softball achievements include 347 Home Runs, .765 on-base percentage, 6 tournament MVP’s, named to more than 40 all-tournament teams and the recipient of 6 gold glove awards in the Al Hawthorne League in Lincoln. 

Jim was a standout softball player with the ability to make the clutch hit, placing the ball in any part of the field. He could hit a home run when needed or make a big play on defense. He was always the lead-off hitter. His teammates stated that “when asked the question of who would you build a team around…it was always Jim Wambold”. 

Jim was the “ultimate competitor” on the softball field and made an outstanding contribution to Nebraska ASA while competing and representing ASA in State, Regional and National tournaments. 

Chuck Price – Coach, O’Neill 

Chuck Price’s lifetime commitment to youth softball in O’Neill has earned him the distinction that few in our sport will ever receive. Chuck has served as director of the city recreational softball leagues, served on the City of O’Neill Softball/Baseball Board, member of NFCA and an assistant high school softball coach.   Chuck has a career record of 302 wins and 88 losses in 10 years of coaching. Chuck has coached the following teams: O’Neill Fighting Irish Class B & C Divisions 12, 14, 16, and 18, winning District Championships in 2006 with Fighting Irish 16U, O’Neill Heat 16U in 2009, and the O’Neill Heat 18U in 2010 & 2011. The 2010 Shamrocks 12U finished 3rd in Class D State. In 2011, O’Neill Heat won the Class C 18U State Championship. 

The 2012 season ended with a bang for Chuck’s team, the “Mean Green” 14U team. Coach Price led Mean Green to a dominant season, finishing with an impressive 33-8 record. The Mean Green team won 3 championship titles that included League, District, and State. These championships were earned as a result of much determination, teamwork, and perseverance. Coach Price always encouraged the girls even when they were down on themselves, and reminded them of the importance of teamwork and support of each other. Chuck taught the girls that they should learn from mistakes/errors and move forward and not dwell on them. Parents and players cannot express enough, what a phenomenal coach he is in maintaining a steady, calm, and positive attitude. Chuck displays coaching ethics that are truly unique.

Chuck’s other involvements include O’Neill Friends of the Library board member, First Presbyterian Church Elder, and O’Neill High School Booster club member and Officer, and currently serves as Booster Club President. Nebraska ASA thanks Chuck Price for his dedication to youth softball. 

Lyle Droescher – Umpire, Norfolk 

For 35 years, Lyle Droescher was a fixture on the softball fields of Northeast Nebraska. He worked nearly every skill level of slow pitch, fast pitch, men’s, women’s and youth softball during his career with Nebraska ASA. Lyle served as an umpire, and at certain times the umpire in chief for multiple state and regional tournaments as well as three national ASA tournaments. In 2004, Lyle was inducted into the ASA National Indicator Fraternity. 

Beyond the ASA organization, Lyle umpired at the high school level and the collegiate level for the Great Plains Athletic Conference and Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference, including such institutions as Augustana, University of South Dakota, and Wayne State College. In addition to umpiring softball, Lyle was an umpire for Legion Baseball in Nebraska. 

Lyle was best known for his desire to be the best umpire he could be on the field. He encouraged other umpires to give their best effort umpiring each game. He took the initiative to recruit people to umpire and instruct them on proper mechanics and rule interpretations. Lyle encouraged umpires to enjoy each game they worked. Lyle loved the game of softball, the players, the coaches and even the spectators! He built relationships that lasted for decades, many of which carried over off the diamond. 

Fred Kubik – Player, Grand Island 

Fred has been an ambassador for Men’s Fast Pitch softball as a pitcher in ASA for the past 31 years. Fred played on the following teams: Nielsen Transportation, Nielsen’s, Denny’s Auto, CBS Insurance, and Brazilian Springs. Fred has played in Class A, B, and C divisions in 11 State and National tournaments. In 1989 and 1999 he was named MVP Pitcher/Player in the Cornhusker State Games. Fred’s career pitching record includes 2,302 wins with 399 losses. Fred had over 19,000 strike outs to along with 47 no-hitters and 22 perfect games. 

During his career Fred always included his family in every tournament. Fred has stated, “that the game of softball has taught him and his family many life lessons that his children continue to carry with them into adulthood”. He and his family, at times, would drive 250 miles a weekend to tournaments. 

Fred has spent the last 18 years coaching girls’ softball, volleyball, basketball, boy’s flag football and boy’s baseball. In those 18 years he has held over 60 pitching and catching clinics.

Pat "Chili" Mehuron Player Lincoln 

Pat played 3rd base for 17 years in the Men's Major Fast Pitch division and has a lifetime batting average of .310. During this time, Chili's teams won three major state championship titles as well as having four major state runner-up finishes.  Defensively, Chili was the "Brooks Robinson" of Nebraaska Men's Fast Pitch softball.  No one played the "Hot corner" any bette rthan he did.  He snagged line drives, went to either his right or left with ease, and vitturally eliminatd the weapon of the sacrifice bunt.  Offensivley, Chili hit for power but was clutch in crucial situations and he was more than willing to sacrifice his numbers for a team win.  In additon to the fact of his playing abilities, Chili was always able to see through the egos and personalities and was the glue that held the ball club together.  He was a team players, always wanted to win, knew how to play the game, was "softball" smart but also knew to keep things in perspective.  Pat was inducted as a player.

Dennie Nielsen-Sponsor Aurora NE

Dennie has sponsored Nebraska softball teams in Men's Fast Pitch for over 30 years.  During this time, he has spent a great deal of his time and hard-earned money because of this "love of the game" and dedicaton to softball.  Dennie's teams have captured numerous state titles plus appeared in ten regional tournaments with a 3rd place finish in St Louis in 1992 as well as appeared in six national tournaments with a 4th place finish in 2009.  Besides sponsoring teams, Dennie was also involved in giving of his time and energies as a volunteer firefighter to the fire departments of Fullerton, and Aurora as well as serving as adeacon in his church.

Charles “Perky” Rother-Player

“Perky” played Men’s Fast Pitch for 33 years. Perky played in more than 50 Championship Tournaments and along the way, his teams went on to win 4 State Championships, 1 Regional Championship as well as 1 National Championship. Defensively, Perky was a catcher who was one of the most durable and toughest guys who would give his all to help out the team. His quickness from behind the plate, gave him the ability to take away the offensive bunt. He was definitely the player you wanted on your team and not the guy you wanted to play against. Offensively, Perky would do what was best for the team, whether it be hitting behind a runner to advance him, laying down a bunt or just placing a hit where it would have the most impact for the team. He was one of the toughest outs at the plate, fouling off pitch after pitch so he could hit “his” pitch, rarely striking out and posting a .372 lifetime batting average. Off the field, between or after games Perky can be found helping kids polish their softball skills as well as teaching them how to respect the game and their opponent. Charles is being inducted as a player.



Ken Harwig-Amherst Player 

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, Ken Hartwig was one of the most dominating fast pitch softball pitchers in Nebraska Softball history.  His personal records and team achievements ranked him in the elite of USA Softball.

Ken Hartwig, is a very deserving addition to the Nebraska Softball Hall of Fame.

Ken pitched in his early years for D&A Manufacturing out of Scottsbluff and for most of his career for Broken Bow. During a span of 25 years he helped lead his team to 23 State, 16 Regional and 4 National Tournaments. In 1993 he led Broken Bow to the ASA National Championship earning first team All American pitcher. Ken was All State a record 18 times.
With a career record of 640 wins and 34 loses, Ken has thrown 25 no hitters and 2 perfect games. A radar clocked Ken’s pitch at 103 mph.  When the ball hit the catcher’s mitt it sounded like a gun went off.

Ken was a great competitor, very talented and excellent teammate.  Ken distinguished himself by consistently being a man of honor and passion for his entire playing career.  He was a constant student of the game and pushed his natural talents to the limit, always trying to be better with his next game.  

Bob Hawkinson-Omaha Umpire-

Robert “Bob/Hawk” Hawkinson has been involved in nearly every facet of the game of softball—and in particular the Amateur Softball Association program – for over three decades, but he really established a Hall of Fame career as an umpire. 

Bob has been a working umpire at a literal multitude of ASA regional and national tournaments. But in the last some 20 years Bob has served in numerous leadership roles as the umpire in chief for over 50 ASA national, regional and state tournaments. 

And for the past 10 years the Nebraska School Activities Association has turned to Bob to serve as the UIC for the annual girls state high school championship tournament.

In Omaha, Bob has been the Umpire in Chief for Metro Omaha Softball since 2003, when the organization assumed the management of the softball program for the City of Omaha Parks and Recreation Department. Since 2003, Bob has helped grow the ASA umpire program in Omaha from 115 umpires to 150 in 2010.

Bob has attended eight national umpire schools across the country along with ten UIC meetings in Oklahoma City. He has used the ASA umpire training program to conduct extensive annual local indoor and outdoor training clinics for all umpires involved in the Metro Omaha Softball program. It is because of his efforts that locally in Omaha, we take pride in stating our umpires are the best trained and best prepared sports officials in Nebraska.

ASA honored Bob for his service, as he was inducted into the ASA “Indicator fraternity” in 1993 and named to the Elite Umpire Program in 2004.

Beyond the umpire arena Bob was also very involved in the growth of girls’ fast pitch softball in Nebraska. Bob was actively involved on the committee that ultimately convinced the Nebraska School Activities Association to make softball a varsity sport in 1993.   

 Ron Hadwiger-Gering Player -

Ron was a hard throwing left handed pitcher from Amherst where he compiled a career record of 605 wins and only 122 loses. During Ron’s career he played for Hadwiger’s Rockets, Bar X, Palm Garden, Klones and Tub’s Pub which recently participated in the 45 and over state tournament. Ron has been named MVP several times throughout his career.

His catcher often wore a sponge inside his mitt to reduce the sting from Ron’s pitch. Ron played mostly in the Kearney League and during this time played Class A winning state twice and runner up a few other times. Ron’s team moved up to participate in the Major Division for three or four more years. During this time Ron’s team played in the Grand Island League and played in tournaments every weekend between McCook and Lincoln.

Ron has been very instrumental in helping out whenever the local ball field needs some work done and has been involved in doing numerous things for the community through the School Board, Lions Club and Trinity Lutheran Church. As a farming friend Ron is always there to help you if you need it. Ron also helped manage a girls’ softball team.

Ron is a great advocate for the game of Fast Pitch Softball and a great Ambassador as well.

 Jeff Sloan Omaha Umpire -

Jeff’s devotion and commitment to the Amateur Softball Association umpire program has spanned more than 20 years. During that time Jeff has officiated thousands of games on his own and served in as Umpire in Chief leadership capacities for a multitude of local and regional ASA tournaments.

As an ASA umpire, the following are some of Jeff’s accomplishments: Member of ASA Medal program; Member ASA National Indicator Program; Member ASA Elite Umpire Program; Received the Ken Znamanacek Award in 2000; Served as Nebraska ASA Deputy Umpire – in – Chief 10 years; Served as Nebraska Softball Foundation member and President; Officiated in 10 ASA National Championships including ASA Major Men’s Fast Pitch.

Jeff is also one of the top NCAA umpires in the country and has traveled all over the nation to officiate numerous games and tournaments. Some of those accomplishments are as follows: Big 12, Big 10, Missouri Valley, Mountain West, Big East Conference Umpire; Officiated 5 ISF National Championships, including a Champions Cup; has worked two ASA World Cup competitions in 2005 and 2006; worked the 2005 International games in China; this past year worked the World Championship tournament in Venezuela; worked the NCAA Division II World Series in 1999 and he worked the NCAA Division 1 women’s College World Series in 2006.

Jeff has shown his leadership with hard work, dedication, loyalty and friendship. His performance both on and off the softball field has inspired all members of the Nebraska Softball family to reach a higher goal.



Randy Markus, Lincoln –
Randy Marcus played slow pitch softball from 1981-1997 in Kearney, Lexington, Lincoln and Omaha. During this time Randy’s teams won 11 State Championships and were runner up three times. During Randy’s time playing in the prestigious Al Hawthorne League in Lincoln, Randy won thirteen home run titles including then straight. During his career, Randy hit over 1,200 home runs, was on 60+ all tourney teams, 22 tournament MVP’s along with two state MVP’s. Randy played for Coors Light, Dirt Cheap, Kep Hardings, Snyder/Steakhouse, Budweiser and Steakhouse. Randy is being inducted as a player. 
Mitch Ohnoutka, Lincoln –
Mitch Ohnoutka played fast pitch in Lincoln for thirty plus years. Mitch played 1st 
base, outfield and pitched when called upon. A lifetime .331 hitter, Mitch was a member of the All Star team 1979, 1980, 1995, 1996, 200-2002. Mitch finished in the top ten hitting in 1985, 1987, 1988 and 2000. During Mitch’s career he played for Touhy, Keg, Brewins, Alan Young Buick, Branker Buick, Appliance Doctor, Auto Salvage and Cortland. Mitch competed in 23 state seven regional and six national tournaments. Mitch is being inducted as a player.
John Janky, Chapman –
John Janky played slow pitch during the late 1970’s through the early 1990’s. John played for Manning Rathman, Coors Light and Fabco which were all teams located in central Nebraska. A talented shortstop who could hit for power or base hits John was a force to be reckoned with offensively as well as defensively. A lifetime .600 hitter, John played in 23 state, five regional and three national tournaments throughout his career. John is being inducted as a player. 
Duane (Andy) Anderson, Emerson –
Duane (Andy) Anderson has coached youth fast pitch softball for over 30 years in the Emerson area. During this time Andy has compiled a 1,481-421 record. Under his guidance Andy has taught his players what good sportsmanship and fair play is all about and the willingness to compete. Andy has the perfect attitude in doing whatever it takes to make it happen. His involvement in the community is endless and Andy is very well respected. Duane “Andy” is being inducted as a manager.


Michael Rol, Axtell –
During Michael’s softball days, he was a manager, sponsor, player and umpire. He sponsored and managed Rol’s Seed & Feed for fourteen years. The team’s, record was 392-196 and they won one state championship and finished eight times as runner-up. Mike was instrumental in promoting softball in Central Nebraska, keeping leagues organized and registering teams. He helped women’s and youth teams and spent time maintaining fields. In 1984 when the Master’s program started, Mike formed a team. His team was one of the first Nebraska participants in the National tournament held in Nebraska. Mike was a great promoter of the softball program on the state level. He served as an ASA Commissioner from 1983 to 1998 and treasurer of the Axtell Chamber of Commerce. He was involved in community clubs and his church. Mike is being inducted for his Meritorious Service.
Nick Dean, Lincoln –
Nick’s career spanned over 29 years as an outfielder, playing in the Major and A division with the Broken Bow, Dean Brothers and Qualigraphs. Nick’s batting average was. 320 during his career. He still plays in the 50 and Over division. Nick played in ten state tournaments, one regional and two forty and Over state championship teams. In the 1993 Class A tournament, he was named to the All American team. Besides playing, he has coached the following girl’s softball teams: Aden Drywall and Lincoln Swingers, as well as coaching YMCA sports. Nick is best known as being a unique player; he could hit for power or for his average as well as being an outstanding defensive player. Nick is being inducted as a player.
Adolph “Arts” Dietrich, Grand Island –
Adolph played fast pitch during the 1930’s, 1940’s and early 1950’s out of Grand Island. Adolph was a feared pitcher who hurled many no hitters and even one perfect game. He was known as simply the best. Adolph passed away in 1985 at the age of 65. The humble left hander had a rifle of an arm and over a period of years averaged 15 strikeouts per game. When Arts and his teammates played in Grand Island, Burnett park was often filled to the rafters. Back in those days, fast pitch was a pitchers game and Arts’ team took on anybody who dared to play them from Kearney to Columbus and even a few Omaha teams. When Arts would throw against the smaller towns, those teams would spike up their lineup from surrounding towns to face the left hander. He enjoyed hunting and fishing and was a paint contractor by trade. In 1941 his softball was interrupted by World War II and stint with the Marines. Art’s was a survivor of the battle for Guadalcanal. Adolph is being inducted as a player.
Dan Cotton, Peru –
Dan’s career spanned thirty-seven years in men’s fast pitch playing in all classes for thirteen different teams as a pitcher and utility player. He was known for his defense at different positions and was a threat at the plate. He played in twenty-one state, three regional and eight national tournaments with teams winning four state titles and finishing runner-up seven times. He pitched in over 500 games but no won-lost record was kept. Dan worked with young kids teaching and coaching them the game of fast pitch. He was the glue in keeping softball going in southeast Nebraska. He continues to support the Masters division by getting teams to participate in the Men’s Fast Pitch masters tournaments. Dan is being inducted as a player.
Grand Island Home Federal, Grand Island –
Home Federal of Grand Island has been a sponsor for Men’s Fast Pitch and Men’s Slow Pitch for over 30 years. During this time, Home Federal has captured three state championships in Men’s Slow Pitch, plus competed in six regional and five national tournaments winning the Class C National Tourney in 2001. Home Federal is very active in the Grand Island community. As a local bank they are involved in many projects including United Way, Habitat for Humanity, the local Humane Society, Adopt a School plus many other projects. In addition to the adult sponsorship, Home Federal has sponsored a Class A Legion Baseball team for many years. Many of those legion players have developed into outstanding softball players over the years. Home Federal was inducted as a sponsor.


Scotty Gottula, Elk Creek –
Scotty Gottula has been involved in youth softball in southeast Nebraska for the past twenty-four years. He has served as a team manager and coach for teams in both Elk Creek as well as Tecumseh. Scotty has served as a District Commissioner for the Nebraska Amateur Softball Association for the past 16 years. Scotty is known as the voice of concern for the smaller community teams and is always an advocate on their behalf while serving on the Nebraska ASA Board of Directors. Scotty is also a member of the Nebraska Softball Foundation and has worked to help raise funds to benefit ASA softball in Nebraska. Scotty has served as a tournament director for many ASA district and state tournaments. Scotty has also assisted several southeast Nebraska communities with fundraising efforts to improve softball facilities in his district. In addition to his involvement in ASA softball, Scotty serves his community by serving on the Johnson County Board of Supervisors, the Elk Creek Fire Department, and the Johnson County Chamber of Commerce. Scotty is being inducted for his Meritorious Service.
Terry Petersen, Omaha –
The team name T’s 13 is synonymous with men’s slow pitch softball not only in Nebraska but across the nation. Terry Petersen formed the T’s 13 softball team twenty-six years ago as one of the premier teams in men’s major slow pitch softball.  Terry is the sole sponsor and manager for the T’s 13 team. Over the past twenty-six years, T’s 13 under Terry’s leadership have amassed two thousand, four hundred, and ninety-nine victories. The 2001, T’s 13 won the first Men’s Slow Pitch Hooters National Championship in Oklahoma. Terry has always been a loyal supporter of ASA softball and his teams have always displayed the very best in sportsmanship both on and off the field. Terry has made out of town tournaments a family affair as he sponsors his team member’s families to travel with the team, which he believes is a key factor to the team’s prolonged success. Through his passion for the game of softball and his unselfishness toward his teams and their families, Terry Petersen has made T’s 13 the best known, successful and one of the most respected men’s slow pitch softball teams in the state of Nebraska. Terry is being inducted as a manager.
Kenlon Johannes, Leigh NE –
Kenlon’s softball career spans twenty-four years playing for men’s fast pitch teams in Leigh, Columbus and Fremont. Kenlon’s regular position was shortstop but throughout his career he played every position on the field including pitcher. In addition to playing, Kenlon also managed for four years. Kenlon was known as a trendsetter and innovator of the game. He began wearing gloves as early as 1960 long before batting gloves were on the market. He was also one of the first to wear a batting helmet before the rules required its use. Kenlon utilized the very first aluminum bat manufactured in 1970. When not playing softball, Kenlon volunteered as a rescue squad member, a first aid instructor and a church elder. Kenlon now serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the Kansas Soybean Association and the Administrator of the Kansas Soybean Commission. Kenlon is being inducted as a player.
Dan Pensick, Lincoln –
Dan’s softball career spans twenty-three years where he competed on major, class A and class B men’s slow pitch teams. Dan played with a total of six teams including Terry’s Paint and Countryside Homes of Columbus, Scoreboard, Gerry’s, Omaha Budweiser, Kibby’s of Kansas City, Synder’s and the Steakhouse team of Lincoln. During his tenure in Lincoln, Dan competed in the Hawthorne league where year in and year out Dan consistently was one of the top five hitters for average and home runs. His estimated batting average is .600 with an average of seventy home runs per season. Dan was selected as the tournament MVP many times throughout his softball career. He was also selected to numerous all tournament teams and won his league’s batting title several years. Dan has participated in numerous ASA state, regional and national tournaments. He is known as a leader and both a player and a coach. Dan’s teams have won 14 ASA state tournaments. Dan has also been involved in his community serving as a board member for the YWCA and the local ice hockey league. Dan is being inducted as a player.
Joe Patterson, Hastings –
Joe has been involved in softball since 1973 as a player, 1974 as an umpire and 1975 as a league director and district commissioner for the city of Topeka, Kansas Parks and Recreation Department and the Kansas ASA. In 1980, Joe and his family moved to Hastings where he accepted the position of Parks and Recreation Director for the city of Hastings. In 1981, Joe was appointed to the Nebraska ASA Board of Directors as a district commissioner for both adult and youth teams. Joe also served the Nebraska ASA several years as a district umpire in Chief. In 1998, he was selected to succeed Bill Smith as the Nebraska ASA State Commissioner and Executive Director and continues to serve in that position. He serves on the Nebraska Softball Foundation Board of Directors. Joe serves on a number of National ASA committees as a member of the ASA National Council. He also serves as the complex manager for the Nebraska ASA complex constructed in Hastings in 1995. Joe has served as tournament director for several ASA national tournaments conducted in Hastings and has served as the ASA representative for several ASA national tournaments conducted outside the state of Nebraska. Joe has been the past recipient of the Jim Lewis Award and his community has received the Governor’s Award for Excellence for recreation twice during his tenure. In 2000, Joe was appointed as the City Administrator of the Hastings Community. Joe is being inducted as a Commissioner.


Jan Sorensen, Grand Island –
A career that started as a player and lasted many years, Jan realized that there was more than playing to help Nebraska stay strong in softball, and with this in mind she became active in the Nebraska Amateur Softball Association. Over the years, she worked with the US Olympic committee as they made their case for Softball to be included in the Olympic Games. The committee was Bobby Simpson, Don Porter and Jan. Jan’s career and service with Nebraska ASA softball included eight years on the finance committee, ten years women’s fast pitch committee and eight years on the board. Jan served on the JO committee for several years. Jan has attended three National and four Regional ASA meetings. In Grand Island, she has been involved in administrating State tournaments for over twenty-five years. Jan has, over the years, attended other State tournaments and helped out. Currently she is helping administer the Grand Island softball league for girl’s ages 5-18, including some in wheelchairs. You can see the joy in their faces as they have the opportunity to play the game of softball. Jan is being inducted for meritorious service.
Bill Korth, Lindsay –
Bill’s softball career spans over 38 years, mainly as a pitcher. Through the years he played for St. Ben, Dave’s Place, Lindsay and Cornlea. In 1983, Cornlea placed third in the Class A tournament and then competed in the Mid America Regional Tournament. In 1993 and 2003, Lindsay won the state championship in Class D. Bill’s duties with most of the teams included being a coach/manager. Bill has played on the 40-over team for three years; he organized, played and managed a Northeast Nebraska 40-over team for a number of years in addition to playing on the regional fast pitch team. He also helped coach the 23-under team for two years. Bill found time to coach his daughter’s softball team and his son’s baseball team. One of Bill’s best memories is when he helped a young lady with her pitching when she was a member of their men’s fast pitch team. He is almost sure that she was one of the first women to play for a men’s fast pitch team in Nebraska. Bill is being inducted as a player.
Terry Dvorak, Grand Island –
Terry’s career of 28 years in Men’s Fast Pitch has been playing in the A, B, C and master’s division as a pitcher and an outfielder. During his career, Terry played for the following teams: GI Home Federal, Time Out Sport’s Bar, Greeley, Center Cable and Scotia. As a pitcher, he compiled a record of 445-130. This included 14 no hitters and two perfect games. He had a batting average of .354. Terry played in 34 State, five Regional and eight National Tournaments. In the 2001 Class C National, he received First Team All American pitcher award. Terry has been named the most valuable pitcher in numerous other tournaments. His Home Federal team has won one National Tournament and three State titles. Time Out Sports master’s team won five state titles. Terry has also worked with numerous pitchers to develop their skills, including his son. Terry and his wife, Barb, are foster parents, and have adopted a special needs foster child. Terry is being inducted as a player.
Bill Honor, Waco –
Bill began his twenty-three plus years in softball after a stint with the Giant baseball organization, playing his first year in the rookie league in Hastings and after numerous moves he decided to return home.  In the years that followed, he played for Robert’s Skyline, Stan’s Sweep Left, Misty’s and Maranahta in AAA and AA. Most of his career he played first base, but also played outfield and pitched. His batting average was about .365 during his career. Bill was also known for hitting some of the longest home runs at Ballard field and was often among the leader in the home run and RBI categories. Bill participated in seventeen State and Regional Tournaments, being selected for various All-Star teams. Bill coached Legion Baseball for five seasons and little Chiefs for three. Bill has been involved in helping coach the Waco coach pitch girl’s team, and is working as a teacher’s assistant for second grade at Centennial schools for which he was honored with a “Mr. Honner Day” by his students and teachers. Bill is being inducted as a player.


O.J. Mathewson, Papillion –
O.J. played for two teams during his slow pitch softball career, Omaha Budweiser and T’s 13. He had a career batting average in slow pitch was .730. In 1996, O.J. hit .751 – the highest ever by a T’s 13 player. O.J. was power hitter hitting 700 to 800 home runs for his career. He played in 11 states, regional and national championships. He earned numerous awards including the 1996 Men’s Slow Pitch Class A National ASA batting championship with a .840 batting average. Numerous times he was selected to 1st and 2nd team All-American honors in national tournaments. He also earned many MVP honors and home run contests. In the 1996 Al Hawthorne League in Lincoln, O.J. hit a record 47 home runs and was the batting champion with a .797 average. The following year, he was named Most Valuable Player of the Al Hawthorne League. O.J. is being inducted as a player.
Bob Brown, Fremont –
Bob has been involved with Nebraska Amateur Softball Association for 33 years and is still going strong today. For over 20 years, Bob was a slow pitch pitcher for Lou’s Sporting, Bill’s Bar and St. Pat’s. During that time, he played in two regional and one national playing with Lou’s. He pitched in numerous state tournaments. He has coached men’s slow pitch and girl’s fast pitch. Bob has been a slow pitch umpire for many years. Bob has been a Nebraska ASA commissioner since1981. Since 2003, bob has been the Nebraska ASA president. Bob served as city league officer in Fremont for 20 years. He served on the softball complex committee that was built in Hastings in 1996. Currently, Bob serves as finance chair for the Nebraska ASA and player representative at the National ASA council. On the national level, Bob serves on the slow pitch and playing rules committees. In 1994, Bob was awarded the Jim Lewis Award for his work in Fremont. He has been a key figure in keeping together the men’s slow pitch league in Fremont. He has been instrumental in improving the facilities at the Memorial Ball fields in Fremont. Bob is very involved with St. Pat’s Catholic Church in Fremont. Bob is being inducted for meritorious service.
Merv Werneke, Lincoln –
Merv’s pitching career extended over 29 years in men’s fast pitch. Merv played for the following teams: Meadow Gold, Pabst, Fremont Tire, Nielsen’s and EJ’s Lounge. His pitching career record was approximately 237-115 with two perfect games and four no hitters. Merv competed in Men’s Fast Pitch Major, Class A and B competition. His batting average during his career averaged between .285 and .300. He participated in 12 states, regional and national tournaments. Merv earned Most Valuable Player MVP) honors in the 1987 Men’s Fast Pitch Class A state tournament. He accomplished the same feat of MVP in 1089 Men’s Fast Pitch Class B state tournament. Merv was pitching for Nielsen’s of Grand Island in those two years he earned most valuable player. He also pitched in two nationals. Merv devoted much time to develop other pitchers in the league to make them a better pitcher and keep the men’s fast pitch league going. From 1990-2002, he became an assistant coach for the YMCA developing youth softball and baseball. Merv became a player representative for a team in the Fremont fast pitch league. He has attended numerous state softball meetings offering suggestions to make softball a better game. Merv is being inducted as a player.
Leonard Williams, Grand Island –
Leonard began his career as a player in 1957 playing mostly second base. He carried a batting average of around .300, and played in numerous state, regional and national tournaments. In 1980, he took over as manager of Home Federal which competed in A, B & C division, and also Nel’s Antique & Time Out Sports which competed in the master’s division. Home Federals team record since 1994 was 462-166. During Leanard’s career as a manager, he won nine titles in 36 state tournaments, five of his fast pitch teams finished in the top 20 in national tournaments and two of his masters teams also finished in the top 20. In 2001, Home Federal won the Men’s Fast Pitch Class C national title. Leonard has been a league representative for the Platte Duetsche and an active participant in NSA state meetings for many years. For 29 years, Leonard has worked alongside Home Federal in sponsoring not only men’s fast pitch, but women’s and men’s slow pitch teams. Other involvements are United Way and Habitat for Humanity. Leonard is being inducted as a manager.
Mel Knopp Jr., Lincoln –
During Mel’s 29 year career, he has played in all divisions of men’s fast pitch. Mel played first base, outfield and a designated player with a batting average around .350. The teams Mel played for were: Misty’s, Dean Brothers, Owen’s Mobil, Qualigraphs and EJ’s/Sportcasters. He played in 11 state, regional and national tournaments. In 1992 playing in the Men’s Fast Pitch Class C national tournament, he was selected as an All-American after batting .471. In numerous other tournaments, he was selected as MVP. Mel was a clutch performer batting .396 with runners on base. Mel was also active in organizing tournaments at Ballard Field. Throughout his career, he put on several softball clinics for youth development. The past couple of years Mel have been doing more coaching for his softball team. When the men’s fast pitch league in Lincoln folded, he put together a fast pitch schedule for his team and brought in a team from Argentina to play. Mel is being inducted as a player.


Judy Dey, Gresham –
Judy’s career as a coach and manager began in 1980. Over the years she has coached JO teams in the 12, 16 & 18 age divisions. Judy’s teams were always competitive as shown by winning three State Championships in 1985, 1988 and 1995. In Regional competition in 1997 and 1998 her teams finished in 5th place. Judy’s coaching career took another step when she became head coach at Centennial High School, after serving two years as an assistant coach. She also compiled an outstanding record at Centennial High School. Her dedication to softball is shown by her involvement in getting a bid for a state tournament in 1995 for Gresham. She was instrumental in developing, a new restroom facility, a new scoreboard, and three new softball fields in Gresham. Now Judy serves as postmaster in Gresham and is very involved in community projects as a member of the community club and ball committees. Judy is being inducted as a manager.
Larry Mustard, Lexington –
For over 18 years Larry has been coaching JO softball teams in all age groups, and all divisions. Larry started his career as a fast pitch pitcher for over 15 years in the Amherst and Lexington area. He gave up playing when his first daughter was 9, because he wanted to give her the same opportunity to play a sport where many valuable lessons in life could be learned. Larry not only spent many hours coaching, but also worked with a church in Lexington that allowed him re-do an old football field into a softball filed, so competitive teams had a place to play. In Gothenburg the softball fields were not properly done, so with the help of the city and many hours of his volunteer time, the fields were corrected for teams to use. Larry also located a building and turned it into a practice facility for all teams. Larry is being inducted as a manager.
Earl Madsen, Lincoln –
Earl has been sponsoring teams for 28 years in men’s fast pitch, slow pitch, and coed. In his early days he sponsored six teams per year, but later cut down to four, due to the cost. He is currently sponsoring two men’s fast pitch teams. He was very involved in the men’s fast pitch league, by giving t-shirts to players selected as “players of the game.” He also had promotions during tournaments for home runs, and other outstanding plays. Many nights he drove to both University fields and Elks field to watch his team play. Earl’s willingness to help others was shown by driving a Hall of Fame member to our banquet. He has helped with delivering meal on wheels, taking elderly people to the grocery store through a Kiwanis program, serving meals at the city mission on holidays, and providing bowling for youth with hearing impairment, plus other projects. Earl is being inducted as a sponsor.
Tom Rutz, Lincoln –
Tom has been involved in softball for 33 years, beginning in 1969; he played in 46 state and 12 national championships. Tom played in all divisions of fast pitch as a third baseman, utility player and pitcher. In 1987 at the ASA Men’s Masters 40-over tournament, he was named 1st team All-American as a third baseman with a .480 batting average. Tom’s pitching record with Cohawk was 182-18, but no complete record of his pitching in Triple AAA could be established. As a batter he carried a .300 plus average. His involvement with softball also included serving as an assistant coach for a girls fast pitch team, and teaching pitching to those who wanted to learn. He also was involved in the YMCA Little League Softball program as a coach.  Even with all of his softball activities, he was involved in school projects serving as coordinator for food drives, parent booster club, and others. Tom was also willing to serve on projects in his church. Tom is being inducted as a player.
Dean Milius, Plymouth –
Dean’s 25 year career began in 1975 as a shortstop when the previous Coach became ill. Dean took over as a player/coach and finally just as a coach. His teams competed well in state, regional and national competitions. Some of the highlights were winning the Class A Regional Championship in 1996, a runner up finish in the 1995 Class C Mid American Regional, and a top 15 finish in the 1998 Class C National. Dean was not only the coach of the men’s team; he was also coaching his daughter’s team. He also found time to work on the fields, but he also set up practices and games, plus keeping track of finances and organizing benefits for the team. When he retired from coaching the men, he continued to help coach his daughter’s 12-under team. Dean is being inducted as a manager.
Tom Van Dyke, Fremont –
Tom’s umpiring career began in 1981. In the 21 years he umpired, he worked 36 state championships in all divisions, 5 regional and 4 nationals. His ability and work ethics were recognized by others which gave him opportunities to work the Big 8, Big 12, Rocky Mountain, Missouri Valley, and GPAC Conferences. He also umpired the High School girls from a sport’s club to the 2002 state tournament. In 1987 he was selected to umpire the NAIA National Tournament. In 1991 Tom was inducted into the National Indicator Fraternity. Tom also served as District 8UIC and has been involved with the Nebraska ASA serving on several committees and helping on other events as needed. Tom is being inducted as an umpire.
Maurice Mathews, St. Paul –
Maurice’s 41 year career began in 1952 while he was in High School, pitching in the Grand Island city league. From there he played in Hastings and then in Omaha from 1955-1959, then returning to Grand Island to play in the Platte Duetsche league for 10-12 years. After that his career required him to be closer to home, and he continued to play for several teams in the area. Over the years he played in 22 state tournaments, 1 regional and was on two championship teams.  AS a pitcher Maurice compiled a 875-375 record with 15 no hitters. Maurice also taught high school and college players pitching techniques and control. He and his son also conducted clinics for young girls. Maurice is very involved in the community with Rotary and the Hospital Foundation, and through efforts and promotion the City of St. Paul now has their softball field. Maurice is being inducted as a player.


Dwain “Okie” Ohnoutka –
Dwain has spent 34 years playing softball. He began playing in the Tri-County league, and continued to play there, and AAA ball in Lincoln. He has played for Bob’s Tavern, KOLN-TV, Roberts Skyline and Mason Bowes. He played in state and regional tournaments and carried a batting average of about .300. “Okie” was not only a player but spent many hours doing volunteer work on ball fields for the Tri-County league, dragging fields, electrical work, back stop and bleachers work. He also spent time teaching boys and girls the fundamentals of pitching. Opposing players and teammates alike looked on him as a tough competitor, but also one who displayed sportsmanship on and off the field. Dwain is being inducted as a player.
Richard Bacon, Humboldt –
For 24 years Richard has served as a manager for teams in the Junior Olympic program in Humboldt, coaching all 5 teams in all age divisions. His 18U Class B team was involved in both state and regional play. In 1997 he was awarded the Jim Lewis Memorial Award for all he has done, including serving 20 plus years doing work on the fields at the complex to make sure fields were playable. To help the girls improve, he would host pitching and fundamental skills clinics, at little cost to the girls. Richard also hosted numerous tournaments. Richard is in deed an excellent coach and promoter of softball in Southeast Nebraska to help the Junior Olympics. Richard is being inducted as a manager.
Gene Schneberger, Grand Island –
Over the years Gene has been very involved in Nebraska softball. On the state level he has served as District Commissioner, Deputy Fast Pitch Commissioner, on various committees, and tournament director for state tournaments, and helped with national tournaments. For 25 years he has served as director of the Platte-Deutsche softball fields, this included running a men’s fast pitch league, spending many hours getting fields playable, and doing whatever was necessary to run a good tournament. In 1993 after a second field had been built, the Platte-Deutsche named the field after Gene. Gene also had a great impact on the girl’s softball program in Grand Island, by volunteering his service to help Grand Island develop a competitive league. Gene is being inducted for meritorious service.
Steve Carr, Seward –
During Steve’s 25 plus year career in men’s slow pitch, he competed in the majors, A, B and masters program. He competed in 25 state tournaments, 19 regional tournaments and 10 national tournaments. The team he played on won 20 state championships and Steve was named MVP numerous times. During his career he played with the Seward Merchants, FM 97, Keps, Snyder’s, Vivitar, Chet’s, Steakhouse and DB Rouges. Steve is know for his excellent skills at shortstop, and was one of the best lead off hitters, not only in the Al Hawthorne league in Lincoln, but also wherever the team played. He has been described as a skilled, honest, dependable and highly respected by teammates and those he played against. Steve is being inducted as a player.
Tyke Arnold Sr., Broken Bow –
Tyke has been a manager/sponsor for the last 35 years. He has had a team in men’s, women’s, Coed and masters 35-over slow pitch divisions. These various teams have won 6 state championships. Tyke began his career as a fast pitch player in the 1960’s playing outfield for Broken Bow and played on 4 Class A championship teams, with a batting average of over .300. Even while playing he found time to help with the organization and running of leagues in and around Broken Bow. Over the years he has been chosen to coach various All-Star teams, again a tribute to a person who has done so much for softball players in the area. Through all the years Tyke displayed the same sense of class and sportsmanship to opponents regardless to whether his team was winning or losing the game. Tyke is being inducted as a manager.
Sheldon Dethloff, Grand Island –
During Sheldon’s 25 year involvement in Nebraska Softball, he served as a coach for Sorensen’s Body Shop 18U Class A girls fast pitch softball team. He also sponsored teams in the 10-14 age group in the Grand Island city leagues for 15 years. Sheldon also found time to serve in the community, serving on the city softball board, cub scouts, and Little League Baseball. He also spent many hours helping out in any capacity that was needed when Grand Island put on state championship tournaments. For all his outstanding work and dedication to softball he was awarded the Jim Hall Memorial Award in 1990. Sheldon is a very special person because he believed in each and every player he coached regardless of his or her skill level. Sheldon is being inducted for meritorious service.
Bob Eichenberger, Talmage –
Bob was a player, organizer and manager for over 39 years in men’s fast pitch. During his career Bob has played in 50 state and 6 national tournaments, including 2 state master’s championship teams. This year he organized a team to play in the 50 and over national tournament, the first Nebraska team to compete in this division. Bob’s love for the game is shown by the fact that he also has been grounds keeper, ticket taker, umpire, score keeper and helper in the concession stand plus he found time to coach a girls 16 and under team for 4years. Bob is being inducted for meritorious service.
Don Miller, Lincoln –
Don has managed/coached Junior Olympic softball for 26 years and has also been coaching Doane College for 7 years. In the J.O. division he has coaches over 400 girls from ages 10-18. He also offered clinics and sponsored tournaments. He is a charter member of the Lancaster Youth Softball Association and held various offices and helped to develop the Doris Bair Complex. His Blazer teams compiled a record of 1591-1123 and played in over 40 state championships and 5 regional tournaments. During his career he also played fast pitch in the AAA league. Don is being inducted as a manager.
Roger Petersen, Blair –
During his 25 year career as a pitcher, Roger compiled a record of 453-121 including 11 no hitters and 2 perfect games. He played both fast and slow pitch and played on 1 state championship team. He helped establish girl’s fast pitch in Blair and worked to get the program into the high school. He was instrumental in developing the youth sports complex, which includes 4 softball fields. Roger also served as an officer with the Blair Youth Complex Board and was director of many well-run tournaments. He also helped girls develop their pitching skills at Dana College as a volunteer. Roger is being inducted as a player.
John Hansen, Grand Island –
A 27-year fast pitch player, John has been described as a highly skilled defensive and offensively player. This is why he was selected MVP in the many tournaments he played in, and also how he helped led teams to state and national championships. He carried a batting average of approximately .375 in his career. In 1987 he was invited to try out for the U.S. Pan American team, where his skills were almost sure to land him a sport on the team. However, a broken hand suffered in practice cost him a spot on the team. He also found time to coach young players to keep the game of softball alive in his area. John is being inducted as a player.
Ernie Thomas, Lincoln –
Ernie managed for 25 years and his teams won over 1100 games, competing in the Lincoln AAA league and tournaments around the state. He managed Bob’s Tavern, Little Bo’s, Stan’s Tavern, Ark I and Sweep Left. These teams won 2 state and 1 regional title. Ernie was a person who was willing to help in any way to keep the league running smooth. For years he voluntarily took care of Ballard Field, lining the field daily and doing other maintenance duties to make the field playable. Ernie has been described as a very special person who cared about Nebraska Softball. Ernie is being inducted as a manager.
Rita Makovicka, Lincoln –
Rita began her 20-year career as a catcher/outfielder at the age of 13. As her career progressed it became evident that her offensive and defensive skills were special. She later played in Hastings, Grand Island and Lincoln, playing both fast and slow pitch. Playing in numerous state and regional tournaments she won numerous MVP awards. In 1999 she was selected as the all time area athlete by the York Times and just recently was inducted into the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame. She is a good representative of someone who contributed to women’s softball. Rita is being inducted as a player.
Linda Hessheimer, Geneva –
Linda has been involved in softball for 27 years, the last 20 as an umpire. The first 7 years as a coach of youth teams. She became an ASA umpire in 1980 and has been involved umpiring youth and adult fast pitch and men’s slow pitch, working district and state tournaments. Using her umpiring knowledge she has been instrumental in the development of youth umpires by putting on clinics in the area. Not only did she do umpiring, but also helped to raise funds for teams to attend regional tournaments, getting the fields ready to play and helping in the concession stand, and over the years has served in all the offices of the Geneva Ball Association. She has been described as an umpire who cares and has developed a good relationship with all the umpires she works with. Linda is being inducted as an umpire.
Bob Moyer, Lincoln –
In the early 70’s to early 80’s, Bob was instrumental in gaining award winning coverage of softball in Lincoln. During this time he was recognized by the Amateur Softball Association with awards for the Best Continuous Coverage of softball for daily publications over 50,000 circulations (twice). In 1978 he was awarded “honorary commissioner” status. In 1980 he received a certificate of merit for coverage of a tournament, as well as continuous and outstanding coverage of softball. In 1978 the Nebraska Softball Association presented Bob with the Jim Lewis award. He also did layout and editing of the official programs for the Men’s Major fast pitch division state tournaments, including the 1976 award winning state tournament program dedicated to Al Hawthorne, director of men’s athletics for the city recreation program in Lincoln. Bob is being inducted for meritorious service.
Connie Gonyea, Lincoln –
Connie’s career of 30 years included playing shortstop, third base and pitcher. As a pitcher her record was approximately 375-125, including several no hitters. She helped N-Street Drive Inn to a national Women’s Class A fast pitch championship in 1975 and 6th place finish the following year. At age 33, married and the mother of 4 children, Connie challenged herself to a higher level by going to the University of Nebraska and earning a spot as a pitcher on the softball team and having a successful career. {After graduation, she played and coached a woman's fast pitch team in Fremont as well as started several high school summer league teams.  In the initial stages of softball as a high school club sport, Connie coached Plattsmouth high school softball team for 2 years and then quit teaching.  Connie is being inducted as a player}.
Don Schulz, Bloomfield –
For over 40 years Don has been a fixture at the ball fields in Bloomfield. Over the years he has served as coach for the youth teams and also adult teams. He has helped teach and coach several generations through softball and baseball. He played softball for 25 years and began to pitch at age 41 and ended at age 60; with a record of 143-60, including pitching in the 40& Over MFP Nationals in 1992. He has served as coach, umpire, announcer and sponsor and continues to do this. All he has done is really magnified by the donation of the land to build the Robin Schulz Memorial Field, a first class facility, in memory of their daughter; a second field has now been built for the youth and adults to use. Don is being inducted for meritorious service.
Jim Kraus, Lincoln –
A career of 36 years as a shortstop, second baseman and pitcher. Jim played both fast pitch and slow pitch. He participated in 55 states, 10 regional and 5 nationals. He carried a batting average of .325 and won several MVP awards, plus being named to all-tournament teams. Jim also served as state UIC and has 25 years as an umpire, working state, regional and national tournaments. He also works college and high school games, conducts clinics and schedules umpires for various leagues in the area. His career also included 9 years as a manager of a youth and adult team, plus sponsoring a team for 4 years. He also put together a 100 inning charity game for the kidney foundation, and also helped children in wheel chairs play sports events for which he has been recognized. Jim is being inducted as a player.
Gordon Schaub, Scottsbluff –
Gordon played fast pitch softball for 18 years the last 10 as a pitcher, ending up with a record of approximately 300-60. The wins included 5 perfect games and 18 no-hitters, with three of these only having one walk to ruin the perfect game. He played on Nebraska State championships in 1973 and 1875 and runner up of teams in 1968, 1971 and 1976. He also pitched in regional tournaments with his victory in 1973 as the first regional win for Nebraska in men’s fast pitch. The softball teams, Sport Center, Bluffs Radio, D & A Mfg. and Scottsbluff Travelers played in tournaments in Colorado, South Dakota and Wyoming. Gordon was selected to numerous teams as MVP and all-tournament teams during his career, not only for his pitching but also for his hitting ability as he carried about a .300 average. Gordon is being inducted as a player.
Randy Zitterkopf, Huron, SD –
Randy’s career spanned 24 years, with 22 as a pitcher. Over the years he compiled a record of 550-175 including 10 no-hitters and 3 perfect games. He carried a .325 batting average in his career. He played on Nebraska State championships in 1973 and 1975 and runner up on teams in 1968, 1971 and 1976. He also played in regional tournaments and over the years won MVP awards and was named to all-star teams while playing in Colorado, South Dakota and Wyoming besides Nebraska. One of his most famous games was in the 1974 state tournament when the pitchers locked up for 18 innings of scoreless ball. Randy finally lost the game in the bottom of the 21st inning. He relied on his drop ball, which was known to “drive foes batty.” Randy is being inducted as a player.
Earl Kraft, Lincoln –
Earl sponsored teams for over 30 years. His teams started out in the “A” league and moved up to “AAA” where they won the state championship in Men’s Major Fast Pitch in 1959. They also won 10 city championships. He was also involved in sponsorship of bowling teams, at times 4 in one year and 2 AAU basketball teams. He not only provided help financially but attended the games and kept score. He and his players developed a very close friendship and the season always ended when he rented a hall and had the families there for a social event, talking and playing bingo, with Earl providing the prizes. Earl is being inducted as a sponsor.
Ron Fox, Lincoln –
Ron has been involved in softball for about 37 years in which time he played in 4 state championships in the open division and 2 in the over 35 age division. He was a member of the first open championship and also the first 35 and over state championship. He has participated in a total of 14 state, regional and national tournaments. He not only was a player, but did some managing and also served as President of the Al Hawthorne League. As a player he was selected as MVP of the 1971 state tournament and also selected to numerous league all-star teams. Ron is still active playing with a St. Mark’s Church team which has won the city church division for 8-10 years and also the Meadow Gold 35 and over team. Ron is being inducted as a player.
Kay Reinmiller, Lincoln –
Kay first became involved with softball as a player. Over the next 31 years Kay served as an umpire and also trained and scheduled umpires for leagues and tournaments in Lincoln. She was Director of Lincoln City Recreation women’s and youth softball leagues; which included scheduling and classification. She served as UIC for the women’s class “A” regional in 1977. Kay served as tournament director for youth divisions of the Cornhusker State Games from 1086-1991. Another area of involvement includes one of the founders and past president of the Lancaster Youth Softball Association and has worked with the Lincoln Swingers as a coach and assistant coach. She has also won the Jim Hall Award and Lane Rowe Memorial Award. Kay is being inducted for meritorious service.
Harold Kelley, Lincoln –
During his 30 year career Harold carried a batting average of .325. He participated in 50 state and regional tournaments and 6 nationals. In the AAA League he was known as a consistent hitter, a “clutch” hitter and fielded his position as well as anyone. He was very active in organizing and participating in the Masters Fast Pitch program. He would get the rosters and paper work completed to enter the tournaments and also made sure of rooms and transportation plans. Three of the teams, 1995, 1997 and 1998 finished in the top third of final team standings. At the age of 59, Harold continues to make the game enjoyable for younger players with his team play and good sportsmanship, and all around good will. Harold is being inducted as a player.
Jeff Hansen, Omaha –
Jeff’s umpiring career has spanned 25 years. Working 11 state, regional and national ASA tournaments. His biggest honor was when he was selected to work the first Olympic Softball games in 1996 at Atlanta, Georgia. He served as the State UIC from 1986-1998. He also gave an umpire clinic in the Czech Republic and worked the Pan-Am games in Cuba. Other accomplishments was his work in getting the Nebraska Softball Complex built and working with the NSA and ASA on all levels, serving on many committees. He is currently the Big 12 coordinator of softball officials and has been UIC at the Women’s College World Series. He has also worked in 4 NCAA Division 1 tournaments. Jeff is being inducted as an umpire.
Paul Ude, Highland Ranch, CO –
Inducted in 1999, Paul began his career as a bat boy for the 1950 Whistle Orange Team. The Whistle Orange Team was the last true state softball championship team as Omaha became its own association. He began pitching at age 16 and ended up playing 23 years; 21 in the Lincoln AAA League. His record was approximately 345-117 including 14 no-hitters and one perfect game. His batting average was around .330. One of his career highlights included a winning performance in a 21-inning state tournament game in which the first 18 were scoreless. Paul received numerous MVP and all-star awards and participated in state and regional tournaments both with his teams and as a pick-up player. His job took him to Iowa where he pitched for six years, winning one state championship and then was transferred to Colorado, where he pitched for seven years and won one state championship. He retired from pitching at 55 and took up coaching for a couple of years. Paul is being inducted as a player.
William Glesinger, Spalding –
Inducted in 1999. Bill also known as “Cactus” pitched for about 45 years and still pitched at age 67. Bill’s record as best can be determined was 500-150, and he carried a batting average of approximately .300. When fast pitch was on the decline in Central Nebraska he kept it alive by teaching younger players the game of fast pitch softball. His career spanned five decades including three generations of players from one family. At age 67 he pitched in the Men’s 45 and over state fast pitch tournament. He also pitched five consecutive games in a tournament with the temperature in the high 90’s when he was over 60. William is being inducted as a player.
Al Spadt, Lincoln –
Inducted in 1999. Al began his career in the 1930’s, and broke into the Lincoln AAA league in 1934 at the age of 16. Over his 30 plus years, he won more than 620 games and lost about 115. In 1950 he helped guide the Whistle Orange to the last true state championship before Omaha became its own metro association. Al was feared not just for his pitching but also his batting. He had a career average of over .350 and won numerous games with his home runs. He recorded numerous no-hitters with his fast ball and as he grew older he developed a curve and drop. He was selected to various all-league and all-star teams. He played every position during his career except catcher. He also hit many long home runs at Muny Field (now Lewis Field) that no one could match. Al is being inducted as a player.
Roger Frank, Norfolk –
Inducted in 1999. Roger began his career in softball as a player and played for 11 years as a catcher and first basemen. His career also included two successful years as the coach of the Norfolk Prairie Maids team. Roger has been an umpire for 24 years and served as a District Commissioner for 22 years serving on many committees at the state meetings. In the community, Roger worked on a bond issue to get its passage for the building of the complex. He helped to introduce slow pitch to Norfolk and along with several others started the Norfolk Softball Association of which he served as president for 1978-1986 and 1992-1996. During this time he was active in the Norfolk Umpire Association board. Roger was also involved in the organizing and running district and state tournaments and took much pride in doing them well. Roger is being inducted as a commissioner.
John Dean & Bob Dean, Lincoln –
For over 25 years, Dean Brothers, Lincoln Mercury was a fixture as a sponsor in the Lincoln AAA Fast Pitch League and Later in AA. John and Bob provided the team with financial support, but would also help in scorekeeping or whatever else the team needed. They also attended as many games as they could both in town and out of town games. Their commitment to the betterment of Men’s Fast Pitch softball went beyond playing as several of their players and coaches served as officers of the Lincoln Fast Pitch Softball Association. John and Bob Dean are being inducted as sponsors.
Tom Ryan, Columbus –
Tom began his umpiring career in 1969, working fast pitch in Columbus and the surrounding area. After adult fast pitch declined he became involved in slow pitch. Over his 30 year career, he has umpired in district, state and regional tournaments and has served as a district commissioner in both fast pitch and slow pitch during some of this time. Tom worked at as many invitational tournaments as he could. Recently he became involved in the girl’s high school league. He has remained involved with youth by officiating 20-30 years in baseball, football, basketball and volleyball as a way to give back to the community. Tom is being inducted as an umpire.
Ed Briseno, Grand Island–
Inducted in 1998. A well-respected umpire of 17 years, Ed worked in over 50 state tournaments. He was also selected to umpire 12 Regional and 3 ASA National Tournaments. He is one of only 20 Nebraska umpires to be inducted into the ASA National Indicator Fraternity. He also served on the same umpire staff on two occasions. Ed’s effort and ability let him to be selected to umpire in two NAIA and one NJCCA national championships. His peers describe him as a truly first class person who never tried to be bigger than the game. On the field, Ed took control of the game and had the ability to make players believe in him regardless of the situation. Ed was a great role model for fellow umpires and was always willing to help them improve. His knowledge and professional demeanor always made the game enjoyable for everyone involved. Ed is being inducted as an umpire.
Marv Razor, Omaha –
Inducted in 1998. For over 35 years, Marv has been playing softball as a pitcher, first baseman or designated player. During his career, he has played on 4 state championship teams, participated in over 25 state tournaments, 18 regional and 5 national championships. On the mound, he has compiled a record of approximately 550 wins and 150 losses. He was feared at the plate for his ability to hit home runs while compiling a career batting average of over .320. When Marv took the field he always gave one hundred percent, and it showed in the number of MVP, All-Tournament, All-City and Achievement Awards that he received. Marv has a great love for the game and is always willing to help a young player or opponent improve their skills. He also found time to put on pitching clinics, serve as a coach, tournament director and work the fields so games could be played. Marv is being inducted as a player.
LaVane Johnson, Eagle –
Inducted in 1998. LaVane is a 35-year veteran of the game, including 27 of them on the mound. LaVane’s pitching record was approximately 475 wins and 125 losses and he carried a lifetime batting average of around .300. He played on 3 state championship teams, and competed in numerous state tournaments, 7 regional and 4 national championships. He was a tougher competitor on the mound and his effort led to numerous individual awards at tournaments. LaVane has many fond memories of his career. Among his favorites are winning his first state championship, and the year his record was 30-3 with all three losses by a 1-0 score. Teammates and opponents alike were quick to express the fact that LaVane served as a role model both on and off the field, and that he was genuinely concerned about people beyond winning and losing. Even when he was not at his best, he inspired his teammates by the extra effort he put into his play. LaVane is being inducted as a player.
Lori Sippel, Lincoln–
Inducted 1997. An outstanding player at the University of Nebraska where she holds almost every pitching record, Lori is now using her talent to better softball players in Nebraska. During the summer she is involved in weekend and four-day camps doing pitching instruction. These camps have 60-100 players involved, from Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois and Texas. She also was instrumental in helping the national team from the Czech Republic during their 1995 visit to Nebraska. As a player in ASA, she was first and third team All-American in 1993 and 1994, respectively. Her team, the Redding Rebels, won the Women’s Major Fast Pitch Championship in 1993, 1994 and 1995. The highlight of her career was participating in the 1996 Olympics as a pitcher for team Canada. Lori is being inducted for meritorious service.
Rhonda Revelle, Lincoln –
Inducted in 1997. Rhonda is the head softball coach of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After her playing career at UNL, Rhonda played ASA Women’s Fast Pitch in Class A where she was named All-American five times and MVP at the Class A Women’s National Tournament in 1987. Now she is giving back to softball in Nebraska by running clinics and camps. At these camps she stresses hitting and strategies and also works with pitchers. She has also been involved with the Nebraska Softball Association in going to clinics and instructing their players. She has also worked very closely with the Czech 

Republic team, both during their visit to Nebraska in 1995 and as a clinician in Prague in 1994. She is an accomplished speaker and currently serves as second Vice President and chair of the National Fast Pitch Coaches Association All-American Committee. Rhonda is being inducted for meritorious service.
Robert Johnson, Emerson –
For over 22 years, Bob has served as a Junior Olympic Commissioner and has been a very diligent supporter of the softball program in Nebraska. He has worked very hard in the Junior Olympic program to provide fairness in youth team classification. He has served as chairman of the NSA’s finance and annual meeting committees in addition to serving on many others. He is also a Trustee of the Nebraska Softball Foundation, currently serving as secretary. Bob proposed and held the first modified pitch state tournament with seven teams. Bob has been an umpire since 1969 and is still active. Softball activities were not enough. He served as mayor of Emerson for one year, school board eight years, as an officer in his church and on the park board, PTA and as Cub Scout master. He also has been scorekeeper for Emerson football games since 1968. Bob is being inducted as a commissioner.
Rick Waldrop, Lincoln –
Inducted in 1997. For over 26 years Rick has devoted many hours on the softball field as a player, manager and sponsor. As a player he was selected on All-Star Teams and received numerous MVP Awards. He batted over .300 for his career, hitting both with power or just a single to drive in a run. On the mound he compiled a record of approximately 185-80. Rick played on seven state championships, three runner-up, and four third-place teams. He also went to six regional, six national plus one world tournaments. He was voted All-American in 1987. As a sponsor his teams have played in state, regional and national tournaments. Besides playing, Rick has devoted his time to working with youth players teaching the art of pitching and hitting. Rick is being inducted as a player.
Max Marquart, Lincoln –
Inducted in 1997. After 40 plus years, softball still plays a big part in the life of Max. In 1957, Max began his career playing softball as a shortstop, but due to an injury to his team’s catcher, he volunteered for that job and continued in that position until 1985 when his legs began to give out. He started playing slow pitch; and, of course, excelled at that game also. An outstanding catcher in fast pitch, Max hit over .300 and won MVP awards and All-Star honors. Max has played in state and regional tournaments almost every year either when his team qualified or as a pick up player. The love of the game of softball has prompted Max to work out regularly, and, at the age of 61, is still playing about 100 games a year in fast pitch, slow pitch and coed. Max is being inducted as a player.
Keith Richardson, PawneeCity –
Inducted in 1997. For over 40 years, Keith “Iron Man” Richardson was a fixture in southeast Nebraska on the ball field. His career started as a catcher without a mask. As a pitcher, early in his career he relied on his fast ball and threw as long as he could. An accurate record of wins and losses is not known as he pitched for a number of teams. He was a feared hitter and carried a .300 -.350 career batting average. He was still tough to face at age 60, and at age 65 he was pitching in the state Class C Men’s Fast Pitch tournament. Keith was very active in recruiting younger players to keep teams from folding. His constant work with these players helped them become better players and kept fast pitch softball going in southeast Nebraska. Keith is being inducted as a player.
Norland Carr, Broken Bow –
Inducted in 1997. A softball veteran for over 21 years, Norland learned the art of windmill pitching while stationed in Okinawa. After his return to Broken Bow, he played for several area teams and then joined the Broken Bow Travelers. While pitching with them, they won 4 state championships and participated in regional competition.  Throughout his career, he was named MVP a number of times and was also selected in 1971 to receive the outstanding sportsmanship award. During his career, he won approximately 500 games with an ERA of 1.21, including three perfect games. He was also solid hitter with an average of over .300. Norland has been active in the American Legion baseball program both on the local and state level. Norland is being inducted as a player.
Harry Kasischke, Lincoln –
Inducted in 1996. In 1971 Harry started his pitching career that lasted 23 years and in which he compiled a record of over 360 wins and less than 50 losses. He played in 14 state and 10 regional tournaments, while playing in the Lincoln AAA and Fremont leagues. He led his teams to 3 Men’s Major championships and 3 runner-up finishes and along the way received numerous MVP awards. Later he played on several state championship teams in Men’s 40 & Over Fast Pitch division. Harry could not only beat you with his pitching but he also carried a lifetime batting average of over .320. Harry loved to work with youth and was never too busy to play catch with the younger ones or autograph a cap or glove. He would work with the older ones on the fine art of pitching. Harry is being inducted as a player.
Ken Navratil, Bee
– Inducted in 1996. Ken began his pitching career at age 13 as a member of the Bee Fast Pitch team. As far as can be determined, Ken had a career record of over 500 wins and less than 80 losses. Ken was not concerned with statistics, just his love for the game. He participated in 6 state, 5 regional and 1 national tournament. He played with Bee and several Lincoln teams in the AAA League, plus Broken Bow during his career. He was awarded numerous MVP and All-Star team awards. Ken not only had an array of pitches, including a curve ball, rise ball, drop and screwball, but he had mastered his control, and the batter never had a good pitch to hit. Ken continues to offer advice to young pitchers just as he received so many years ago. Ken is being inducted as a player.
Hal Murray, Alliance –
Inducted in 1996. Hal was involved in Nebraska Softball for over 10 years, before his untimely death. He served as District Commissioner in the Panhandle and was the main reason softball continued to grow in that area. As a member of the NSA Board of Director’s, Hal served on numerous committees. He was also a NSA Foundation Trustee and a registered umpire. With approval of the city council for a new complex, Hal became a driving force to get the complex done. This became a reality in 1985. His commitment to softball never slowed down as he helped develop the youth program for ages 6-16 which continues to grow. He also helped other communities to get grants to improve their facilities. In July, 1995 in tribute to Hal, for all his work the complex was named the Hall Murray Memorial Softball Complex. Hal is being inducted as a commissioner.
Lester O’Donnell, North Platte –
Inducted in 1996. Les began coaching in 1984 and his teams have compiled a record of 534-257. He has coached various age girls groups and they have participated in 5 national and 6 regional tournaments and have also won 5 state championships. His dedication to softball does not end with coaching. He puts on free pitching clinics to girls of all ages not only from North Platte, but surrounding communities. Les helped develop the Platte Valley Girls Softball Association and the development of the Dowhower Complex and in one reason that the girls have an indoor practice facility to use the year around. Les also works hard to find scholarships for any of his players that want to go on to college. In North Platte, Les touched the lives of many in a positive way. Les is being inducted as a manager.
Charles Pickens, Kearney –
Inducted in 1996. Charlie was a District Commissioner for the Nebraska Softball Association for over 15 years. He served on the NSA Board of Directors, and served on various committees. He served as the original chairman, for 5 years on the Scholarship committee. In 1981, he started the Nebraska Softball Foundation serving as President and Vice President for 2 years each. In Kearney he served as President of the Kearney Softball Association from 1968-1986. He also ran the Kearney Invitational for 17 years which always had the strongest fast pitch teams from around the state involved. From 1970-1988 he was involved in hosting a state tournament every year, plus when ever possible, Mid-America regionals. Charlie was a player who got involved to make our sport better. Charlie is being inducted for meritorious service.
Thomas Socha, Lincoln –
Inducted in 1996. Tom has been sponsoring teams for 20 years in women’s, girl’s and men’s divisions. During these years he had at least 2 teams. His teams have participated in state, regional and national competition, with the women’s team, which Tom coaches, having played in 3 regional and 1 national tournaments. Tom stresses sportsmanship but still encourages the team “to enjoy playing the game.” Tom has been instrumental in working with the city park and recreation department in getting improvements made at the field. He has helped sponsor numerous tournaments, provides team statistics for each team, and on nights when he isn’t coaching, he is helping at the field. Tom is dedicated to the sport of softball to make it better, regardless of what needs to be done. He will not ask anyone to do more than what he is willing to do himself. Tom is being inducted for meritorious service.
Wayne Matejka, Strang – Last year marked the 31st year that Wayne has coached the Strang women’s fast pitch softball team. Under his guidance the team has compiled a 545-152 record and was named the Nebraska Softball “Team of the Month” in 1994. He also has been involved with getting a youth program established for the area girls. Thanks to his hard work and dedication there are now teams in the 10 under ponytail, Junior and 18 under divisions. In 1993, he received the Jim Hall Memorial Award which is given to the outstanding coach of a women’s or girls softball team. In 1982, Wayne was selected to coach a Nebraska All-Star team to compete against Zimbabwe team of Africa. Besides his coaching, he was instrumental in the renovation project of the Strang ball field which included fencing, lights, lighted scoreboards and a new concession building. Wayne Matejka is “Mr. Softball” in Strang, Nebraska. Wayne is being inducted as a manager.
Earl Korshoj, Fremont – Earl sponsored women’s and girl’s fast pitch softball team in Fremont for 30 years. He has provided equipment, uniforms and support from the stands by attending as many games as possible, both home and away. His generous sponsorship has provided hundreds of women and girls the opportunity to experience the sport of softball; a trademark of the Lumberjill teams was their competitive spirit and good sportsmanship, which reflected well upon their fine sponsor. Without the support of people like Earl Korshoj, many players would never have gotten to enjoy softball and experience the thrill of victory and the camaraderie of a team. Earl is being inducted as a sponsor.
Jim Blessen, Verdigre – Jim played in over 1,500 softball games during his 33 year career. He played both infield and outfield, but spent most of his time on the mound when he won over 75 percent of the time. As a pitcher he amassed more than 6,700 strikeouts, leading his teams to 3 state championships, and appearances in 8 regional and 3 national tournaments. Jim was just as dangerous on the offensive side of the ball with a career batting average of .370. He was named the state tournament most valuable player in 1973, 1975 and again in 1988. In addition to playing, Jim has served as the NSA player representative and has been involved with numerous pitching clinics, assisting others in honing their skills. Jim is being inducted as a player.
Milo Navratil, Bee – In the town of Bee, Nebraska you can’t mention the name Milo Navratil without thinking of softball. Milo coached softball teams in Bee for 42 years. In that time his teams competed in district, state and regional tournaments, winning the MFP Class D championship in 1988. Besides coaching, Milo was instrumental in organizing the Seward and Tri-County softball leagues. In 1971 he became involved with the planning and building of a new ball field. After the field was completed he became the head groundkeeper, ticket taker and game scheduler. His efforts were recognized by the City of Bee in 1980 when at a special supper to honor Milo; the field was named the “Milo Navratil Field” in his honor. Milo is being inducted for meritorious service.
Ruth Follen Register, Cedar Bluffs – Since 1963, Ruth has been involved with the Nebraska Softball Association. She has been a player, umpire, and district commissioner, NSF Trustee, NSA Board of Director, State Junior Olympic Commissioner, NSA State President and Vice-Chair of the National Junior Olympic Committee. She was a member of 4 state championship teams and played on the 1975 Women’s Fast Pitch Class A National Championship softball team. During her 16 years as the State Junior Olympic Commissioner the JO program has grown each year and is now over 2,700 teams strong, one of the largest JO programs in the nation. Ruth dedicated herself to making sure that every child who wanted to play softball got the opportunity to compete. Few people have done as much for the sport of softball in Nebraska than Ruth Follen Register. Ruth is being inducted for meritorious service.
Mel Heimann, Columbus – As a player, Mel has been involved in the sport of softball for over 39 years and is still going strong. He coached many of the years he was playing. For over 30 years, he has been a sponsor in both slow and fast pitch, sponsored invitational tournaments which includes the first master’s tournament in Columbus. Off the field, Mel has served as NSA district commissioner and was a registered umpire for 10 years. He is currently the masters fast pitch divisional representative and a member of the Board of Directors of Nebraska Softball. Mel was recognized for his outstanding work when he received the Jim Lewis Award in 1983. He served as the chairman of the Columbus softball committee. His hard work and dedication as the chairman resulted in a new softball complex in Columbus. He has also been active on many committees at NSA state meetings. For Mel, softball is a sport he truly loves. Mel is being inducted for meritorious service.
Bruce Otto, Lincoln – Bruce Otto has been an active member of the Nebraska Association since the 1960’s. He served as the Nebraska State President in 1981, 1982 and 1988. In 1971 he was the state Umpire-In-Chief. In 1983, he was appointed as the chairman of the Nebraska Softball Hall of Fame committee. He was selected to become a member of the Nebraska Softball Foundation Trustees in 1984 and was elected President in 1990. He has served on many NSA committees including legislation, tournament awards and finance. He has been tournament director for state, regional and invitational tournaments. Bruce has served as a voting member at the National ASA Council for several years and has been appointed to many national committees. Bruce is being inducted for meritorious service.
Harold Simpson, Lincoln – Harold began his career as a softball player in 1952, but after some years, decided his niche was umpiring. During his 21 years of umpiring, he worked many state and regional tournaments and was the first Nebraska Softball Umpire to work a Major Fast Pitch tournament. Harold also worked at the Women’s College World Series. Harold was known for his consistency behind the plate and his professionalism in dealing with the coaches and players. Harold served as NSA district commissioner for 15 years and served on many committees at NSA meetings. He was awarded the Jim Lewis Award in 1973 for his contributions to softball. He was a Nebraska State Senator from 1967-1977 and at one time was the only legislator in the country that was qualified as an Amateur Softball Association Official. Harold is being inducted for meritorious service.
Ernest Polak, Ulysses – Over the past 25 year, Ernest has done about everything possible for the growth and development of softball in the Ulysses community. Ernest coached a Men’s Fast Pitch team for 19 years, coached a Women’s team for 3 years and purchased equipment and uniforms for the teams. He helped with the maintenance and improvements on the softball diamond, umpired youth softball games and organized old timers’ games and local tournaments. Ernest was an officer in the Tri-County softball league where he was the driving force in organizing leagues and setting up the league schedules and tournaments. The Ulysses community will always be proud of their “Mr. Softball”. Ernest is being inducted for meritorious service.
Lynn Rogers, Las VegasNV – Lynn began his softball career playing outfield and third base, eventually ending up on the pitching mound. He compiled an outstanding record of 284-81 including 2 no hitters. He was also one of the better hitters in his league with a career average between .280-.300. Teammates and opponents a like had the same praise for Lynn. He would battle hard but after the game there were no hard feelings. Lynn had a positive attitude toward everyone. After his career ended, he stayed active in softball by helping youth players develop their pitching skills. He is truly a caring person who loves the game of softball. Lynn is being inducted as a player.
Floyd Colon, Lincoln – For 31 years, Floyd competed in both slow and fast pitch softball, earning All-Star honors in the AAA slow pitch league 7 times and compiled a lifetime batter average of. 480. Floyd was a founder of this league and served as the leagues first President. His involvement in softball didn’t stop as a player. He was coach/manager for 28 years umpired both slow and fast pitch for 18 years working 5 state and 1 regional tournaments. He also served as a district commissioner and district umpire-in-chief. In 1977, Floyd served as president for the Nebraska Softball Association. He was also founder of the Hall of Fame and was Chairman for the Hall of Fame for 6 years. He was the tournament director of one of the largest and longest tournaments in Lincoln. Floyd has served on many committees at the state meetings and ASA Master of Ceremonies. What makes Floyd special is his desire to improve himself and those around him. Floyd is being inducted as a player.
Roger Kaltenberger, Lincoln – Skills, desire and sportsmanship are some of the words used to describe Roger by opposing players, umpires and fellow teammates. As a player for 23 years, he carried a .360 batting average. His best year was 1971 when he batted .387 with 25 home runs and 100 RBI’s. Over his career, he played on 3 state championship teams, went to regional and also went to the 35 and over fast pitch national tournament. Some of the honors Roger received were selection to the Lincoln AAA fast pitch league seven times and numerous other MVP awards. His selection as the winner of the Glen Reed Award ranks as one of his greatest achievements. Roger was a softball player that was dependable. His attitude was to play hard, but when the game was over leave the game on the field. Roger is being inducted as a player.
Derryl Ogden, Lincoln – Derryl began playing softball at the age of 15, when he was asked by friends to play on their team, which was short of players. That was 44 years ago and he is still going strong playing softball for two different teams in 1992. Derryl excelled on both offense and defense. He has a career batting average of .350, with his best years’ average being .476 which was good enough to win the AAA League Batting Championship in Lincoln. He was respected by opponents as a top 1st baseman; they knew that any ball being thrown to Derryl would be caught. Over the years Derryl played for many of the top teams in Lincoln and won numerous awards. He was usually selected to the first or second team of the AAA All-Stars, and sought after by teams that were advancing to regional competition. Derryl is being inducted as a player.
Jack Partington, Lincoln – For most of Jack’s 20 year career he played third base. His career began in Hebron where he played until he moved to Lincoln. During his playing days he was feared as both an offensive and defensive threat. His career batting average of approximately .400 was the drive force behind his team, which he led in hitting 8 years. On defense his ability to play in close, allowed him to use his quick reflexes and strong arm to rob many batters of base hits. Is batting and defensive skills were the reason he was selected to the AAA League All-Star team nine times. Jack played for state champion Robert/Skyline, but most of his softball career was spent with KOLN-TV. Jack is being inducted as a player.
Wayne Gappa, Kearney – For 18 years Wayne has been a sponsor for men’s and coed softball teams in the Kearney and Loup City area. Besides softball Wayne also supported teams participating in bowling, volleyball, rodeo, golf and other worth while activities. Not only did he give financial assistance but he gave freely of his time and talents to serve the community. He served on the Board of Director’s of the Kearney Slow Pitch Softball Association and was instrumental in bringing softball tournaments to the Kearney area. In addition, he has helped the University of Nebraska-Kearney in acquiring scoreboards and funding of the scholarship program. Wayne’s efforts were not only of immediate help but it provided a better quality of life to the citizens of Kearney. Wayne is being inducted as a sponsor.
Bruce Friedrich, North Platte – Bruce has been a sponsor of softball for 11 years in North Platte. He sponsors as many as 3 teams a season. His financial assistance provides players on his team with the opportunity to travel to other cities and state to compete with the best teams in the region. In addition, he made a generous donation so that the teams would have an indoor practice facility. When he can find the time Bruce helps the coaches and players at practice. He attends as many games as possible to lend moral support to the team and ensure that everything is running smoothly. Bruce is a community leader in North Platte. He is actively involved in Rotary, Boy Scouts and the Chamber of Commerce. In 1991 he was honored as “Businessman of the Year” by the Chamber. Bruce is being inducted as a player.
Wayne Gonyea, Lincoln – Wayne began working as an umpire in 1970 and served the state for 20 years. During that time he worked 21 state, 6 regional and 4 national ASA tournaments. His reputation as a outstanding umpire earned him the privilege of umpiring on the college level. He has the distinction of having worked 3 NCAA regional and 6 NCAA and NIT College World Series games. He still found time to start the Lincoln AAA Umpire Association and was a district umpire-in-chief in both Nebraska and Colorado. In 1981 Wayne was honored as the Jim Lewis Award recipient which, is given to acknowledge a individual that has contributed to the growth and development of softball in Nebraska. Wayne is being inducted as an umpire.
Gail Wicks, North Platte – For the past 23 years the North Platte Belles have had only one coach, Gail. He is the driving force behind this team which as compiled an enviable record of 699-323. His teams have won 5 state championships in the past 8 years and have competed in 10 regional and 3 national tournaments. One of the biggest contributions that Gail has made to softball in the North Platte area is the construction of a girl’s softball complex. He was the chairman of the committee to plan, design and finances of the project. North Platte now has one of the finest complexes in the Mid-America Region. Gail has also coached on the international level. In 1992 he coached the women’s team that represented the United States at the Bahamas Quincentennial tournament. Gail is being inducted as a manager.
Charles Wehrer, Norfolk – Charles began his career in the Norfolk area and for the next 35 years he was a player, manager and organizer of teams. He helped to get both softball and baseball established at Wayne State College while he was a student. Even when Charles was serving his country in the military he found time for softball. He organized teams in California, Africa and Italy sharing his love of the sport with the world. As a pitcher he compiled a record of approximately 250-45, including 7 no-hitters. In addition to playing, Charles also managed some of the teams he played on. Charles is a highly respected educator; know for his patience with his students and an enthusiasm for learning. His desire to educate and inform people prompted him to write a book entitled, “Keep In Touch-My Students.” Charles is being inducted for meritorious service.
Gene Buerer, Geneva – Gean started his softball career in 1957 as a player and coach. From 1875 to 1981 he coached both Junior and Senior girls softball teams and in 1981 started a new women’s team. He was also a registered ASA umpire and worked district, state, regional and national tournaments. He served as a tournament director for many years, and contributed his time to help remodel and rebuild softball fields in Geneva. Gene is being inducted as a manager.
Herman Rohrig, Lincoln – If Herman wasn’t playing second base, you might find him on the pitchers mound or playing short stop. He didn’t care what position he played as long as he was contributing to the success of the team. For 13 years Herman played softball in Nebraska. He played for the Bucks, Pointers, Dr. Pepper and Falstaff before crowds of 7,000 to 10,000. His best batting average in league play was .452, with a career average of .370. Herman was part of two state championship teams. He won state championships in 1937 with Falstaff and in 1940 as a member of the Dr. Pepper softball team. During his career he participated in 8 state and 3 national tournaments. Herman is being inducted as a player.
Lucille (Hofferber) Bateman, Syracuse – Lucille started her softball career in the city recreation program in Syracuse, Nebraska, sometimes the only girl playing on the team. At the age of 14 she played for the city champion “All Service” team and the following year joined the famous “Syracuse Bluebirds”. The Bluebirds went on to win 3 state championships and to compete in 3 world championships. She later played for “Cheapper Drug” in Lincoln. Lucille is being inducted as a player.
Sterling Helvey, Lincoln – Sterling was considered one of the top defensive players in the state and was selected by the Lincoln, Nebraska newspaper as a member of the AAA Men’s Fast Pitch All-Star teams for seven years and to the second team one year. He carried the batting average of .320 and was a member of several state championship teams including the 1940 Dr. Pepper team that competed in the World Championships in Detroit. Sterling is being inducted as a player.
Harry Becker, Lincoln – During his career Harry carried a .300 batting average and was considered as one of the top defensive players for such teams as Nebraska State Champions, “Dr. Pepper”, “Lincoln Steel” and “Roberts Arcade” and several other Nebraska teams. He was named to the Lincoln, Nebraska AAA All-Star team several times and was a member of the Dr. Pepper team that played in the 1940 World Tournament. Harry is being inducted as a player.
Irene (Yosten) Hansen, Tilden – Irene was one of Nebraska’s top women’s pitchers for over 20 years, playing for the Norfolk Jets which later became the Prairie Maids. Her pitching record was 350-150 and she was selected to All-State and All-Tournament teams several times. Irene also excelled at the plate with a career batting record of .300. She was also a teacher and role model for youngsters who wished to learn the art of fast pitch pitching. Irene is being inducted as a player.
Leslie Robinson, North Bend – During a 46 year career Les compiled a record of over 700 wins including 30 no-hitters and three perfect games, but this does not tell the whole story of his commitment to softball. In 1979 he helped plan, organize and build a softball field in North Bend. He has also held free pitching clinics for youth in the area, as well as helping the pitchers for Dana and Midland College. Over the years he has had many wonderful memories. One was pitching a perfect game at age 54 with 19 strikeouts. He pitched another perfect game at age 60, pitching for the second place team in the state tournament. Les is being inducted as a player.
Dick Reinmiller, Lincoln – Over 22 years this self made coach has devoted his time to coaching as many as three youth teams a year. His record includes over 1,800 wins, 16 state championships and participated in 12 national tournaments. He has won the Jim Hall Award and was Gatorade Youth Coach in 1985. He also served as Lancaster County ASA youth commissioner for 9 years. In addition he was a key individual in obtaining the land for Doris Bair Memorial Complex for youth and then spent 5 years of his spare time to the development of the park. Dick is being inducted as a manager.
Dave Klone, Kearney – David’s contribution to softball as a sponsor for 26 years did not only consist of financial help for his teams, but his time, talent and leadership to promote softball in the city of Kearney and the surrounding area. This was done by serving on the sports and recreation committee and on the Parks and Recreation Board where through his efforts and others, this board made many improvements in the Parks and Recreation program. He has also served on the Kearney Slow Pitch Softball Association Board of Directors. Dave’s love of the game, his family and Church make him the type of sponsor Nebraska Softball is proud to have promote our program. Dave is being inducted as a sponsor.
Erv Bauer, Lincoln – Erv began his career at age 17, and during the next sixteen years he compiled a record of 200-45, including eight no-hitters. During his career, the pitching distance was 37’ and he was one of the few who wore no glove. One of his great moments was beating defending state champion, Omaha Metz, on a one hitter. He feels part of his success on the mound was his positive attitude that no one could beat him. Erv is being inducted as a player.
John Jackson, Lincoln – John was a fast pitch pitcher for over 30 years. He compiled a record of 485-160, including 27 no-hitters and 3 perfect games. One of his most memorable efforts was the finals of the 1970 major state tournament when he pitched three back to back games only to lose the championship 1-0 on an unearned run. He was an example for all young pitchers to follow with his dedication and work habits to become a better pitcher. John is being inducted as a player.
Orland Wahl, Western – A 35 year veteran at third base, Wally began playing when the game was known as Kittenball. He had a career batting average of .350 and was considered one of the best defensive players in the area. Orland was more than an outstanding player; he promoted softball in the area by helping umpire, donating funds to keep softball going and also helping do whatever was needed to keep the fields in shape. Orland is being inducted as a player.
Donald Conrad, Blair – A sponsor whose work ethics carried over to his teams. Don sponsored for 14 years and during that time his teams competed in five national tournaments, plus numerous regional and state competitions. As a sponsor, Don wanted his teams to play to the best of their ability and made sure they displayed the highest degree of sportsmanship. As they were representing his firm as well as the state of Nebraska, and that this should carry to their actions both on and off the field. Donald is being inducted as a sponsor.
Robert Lenners, Grand Island – Bob began his career as a player and coach. He sponsored his Church and this was the beginning of his 19 years as a sponsor. His involvement with softball continued to grow and he was one of the pioneers in establishing the local softball association in Grand Island. He wanted his players to play hard and enjoy the game, but he would not tolerate a lack of sportsmanship. Robert is being inducted as a sponsor.
John Hanson, North Platte – A sponsor for over 20 years, John not only supported the game of softball, but bowling, volleyball, soccer and little league baseball as well. His support included more than just the financial aspect; he also provided an indoor practice facility. John is being inducted as a sponsor.
Clarence Kuchta, Lincoln – Clarence’s love for the game took him from player to coach and eventually to sponsoring men’s, women’s and youth teams for 16 years. One of the finest Lincoln Office Equipment teams went all the way to the Women’s Class A fast pitch Nationals and finished 5th. Clarence is being inducted as a sponsor.
Maurice Bergmeier, Dewitt – Maurice had a record of 259 wins, 63 losses, 11 no-hitters and 2 perfect games during his pitching career of 15 years. He is credited with helping make the Dewitt team the “Team to Beat” in Southeast, Nebraska. His batting average was .375. Maurice is being inducted as a player.
Ron Simmons, Broken Bow – During his 26 year career Ron participated in state, regional and national tournaments and earned various awards and honors. One of the highest honors Ron received was being selected to try out for the U.S. team for the Pan American games in 1987. He had a batting average of .379 and a fielding average .966. His team won state championships in 1972, 1974-1978 and 1985-1989. Ron is being inducted as a player.
Harvey Kaufman, Lincoln – Harvey started pitching at the age of 16 and continued for 24 years, averaging 16 strikeouts per game. His record was 365 wins, 42 loses, 37 no-hitters and 2 perfect games. He was best known for his ability to pitch behind his back and through his legs. Harvey is being inducted as a player.
Fred Fuller, Lincoln – Fred started his pitching career in Lincoln at the age of 14. By the time he was 22, he racked up 13 no-hitters and in the 27 years he played the game, he has had a total of 30 no-hitters and 12 perfect games. His career pitching record was 524-78 and opposing batters called him the “Best in the State”. Fred is being inducted as a player.
Leonard Schneider, Omaha – Leonard played the game of softball for 17 years with a lifetime batting average of .302. Throughout his career he earned All-City, All-Star and All-State honors. In 1935 and 1937 he led the state tournament in hitting with a .500 average. Not only was he outstanding at third base. He also played short stop and shot field. Leonard is being inducted as a player.
Paul Lynch, Omaha– Paul played in the Omaha league and was considered the “Babe Ruth” of Omaha softball. He carried a life time batting average of .300 and played in state, regional and national tournaments. He was also the only Omaha player to ever be traded in softball. In 1939 he was traded for two players. Paul is being inducted as a player.
Harvey Jepsen, PlatteCenter – Harvey started his softball career as a pitcher at the age of 13. He became known as “The Blonde Comet” for his ability to run bases and shag fly balls. In 1979 e moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and began a new career as a softball umpire. In 1987, at the age of 70 he was named the oldest active umpire in the nation. Orland is being inducted as a player. Harvey is being inducted as a player.
Robert “Huk” Herring, Fremont – Robert had a 69-8 record, pitching for the Air Force teams in 1958. He was the backbone of fast pitch softball in Fremont, Nebraska; with a 22 game winning streak along with being one of the top pitchers in the state of Nebraska. He was President of the fast pitch softball association. Robert is being inducted as a player.
Darrell Churchill, Omaha – Darrell was a short stop and third baseman who played on the All-Star city team from Omaha in 1936, 1937, 1939, 1940 and 1941. He played on the All-Star state team from Omaha in 1937, 1939 and 1940. He played on 13 championship teams and one world tournament. He has a life time batting average of .309.  Darrell is being inducted as a player.
Bernice Price, Lincoln – Bernice played first base in 12 Omaha Women’s city championships and 9 state championships during here career from 1935 -1949. She batted .300 during her career and at one point; her team won 40 straight games going undefeated in city, state and regional tournaments and won several games in the world tournament before losing. Bernice is being inducted as a player.
Ken Forbes, Lincoln – Ken played 25 years as an infielder and outfielder, with a batting average of .350. He was one of the great clutch hitters of all time in the state of Nebraska. Ken played in 12 state championship teams and numerous regional teams. He was an All-Star many of the years that he played. Ken was the basic pioneer in Nebraska of the third baseman playing in front of the bag. Ken is being inducted as a player.
Wilmer Hanson, Loomis – Wilmer played 47 years with a 778-71 pitching record. At one time, he had a 23 game winning streak. Wilmer also pitched in two National VFW tournaments in 1947 and 1949. After his retirement, he helped coach a ladies team and after 4 years they had a .750 winning percentage. Wilmer is being inducted as a player.
Al Moeller, Lincoln – Al played 39 years, with a record of 780-200. He pitched for team in California and Nebraska and also in 5 regional and many state tournaments. When not pitching, Al played in the outfield and was considered above average with the bat. He learned how to pitch on the farm by throwing a ball against the wall. Al is being inducted as a player.
Ron “Tad” Vergith, Dewitt – Ron was a fast pitch pitcher and an outfielder. He began his career in softball in 1949 and was forced to retire in 1970 due to surgery. He played every position on the field and excelled at short stop and on the mound. Ron played for many teams in the area. He had a career batting average of over .400. His pitching record includes numerous no-hitters and perfect games. Ron is being inducted as a player.
Jessie Steinkuhler, Syracuse – Jessie played 11 years for the Syracuse Bluebirds, who were state champions from 1934-1936. She had a batting average of .300, plus a good arm and great speed. Jessie has continued to promote softball since her retirement. She started coaching a girl’s team for 25 years and a women’s team for 12 years. She has served her league faithfully over the years. Jessie is being inducted as a player.
Floyd Hayes, Omaha – Floyd started in 1936 as a softball writer. He was the associate editor of the National Softball Publication; now know as ASA’s “Balls & Strikes”. Floyd handled all of the publicity for the Nebraska State Softball Association during the years 1938-1942. He also gave Omaha and the state of Nebraska more publicity over the years than any other softball writer. Floyd published a column called “Softball Scribblings”. Floyd is being inducted for meritorious service.
Darrel Dubsky, Clarkson – For 25 years Northeast Nebraska’s best chucker whiffed would be hitters in Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Iowa and native land Nebraska. Darrel hurled for state championships in 1965, 1967, 1969 and 1979. Darrel compiled an amazing 585-94 win – loss record he finished with approximately 8,600 strike outs, 65 no-hitters and a batting average over .300.   The greatest single thing he gained from softball was the people he got to meet and the friends he made. Darrel repertoire includes a fast ball, curve, drop and rise. His fast ball has been clocked at 90 mph. Darrel is being inducted as a player.
Lefty Sheary, Lincoln – A career that spanned over 22 years, Lefty acquired a record of 700 wins, 180 losses, of which are 25 no-hitters. He had 5 no-hitters and 3 perfect games in state tournament play and 12 wins in regional competition. Lefty played for only one manager, Bill Ketterer. He helped Ketterer’s teams to state titles and 9 city titles. Lefty is being inducted as a player.
Edward Stanek, Omaha – Eddie’s playing span started in 1936 and ended in 1956. He sat out some years during World War II and in 1946 when he suffered a broken leg. Centerfield was his best position. He also played first base, short stop and short field. During 1951-1954 Eddie helped manage the Fremont Eagles Midget baseball team. He joined the Mid-West umpires association and has been umpiring baseball and softball starting in 1956. Edward is being inducted as a player.
June Price, Omaha – June’s career began in 1934 and continued until 1951. June was a member of many championship teams and was the catcher for the Russell Sports team that was quarter-finalist in the world tournament in 1938. She also played on the Jeep team winners of 40 consecutive games before being defeated in the semi-finals of the world tournament in 1944. June has played on 15 city championship teams, 11 state championship, played in 8 regional tournaments and 5 world championship tournaments. June is being inducted as a player.
Everett Fulk, Scottsbluff – Everett coached women’s teams for 25 years compiled an enviable record for over 400 wins. He coached the Women’s Major fast pitch in 1971 – Taylor Tots of Scottsbluff. Everett touched the lives of over 300 girls who played on his teams, at one time or another many who have gone on to play, coach and manage teams in Nebraska and other states. His inspiration and leadership provided the needed direction for many of the girls he coached. Everett was a Nebraska District Commissioner. He was instrumental in promoting the youth softball program in Scottsbluff. Everett is being inducted as a manager.
Ben Crain, Omaha – Ben pitched close to 1,000 games during his career, with an 85 percent win percentage. He averaged 20 home runs a year and totaled more than 300 during his career. He holds the record for the largest home run in Omaha’s softball history. In 1961 Ben was inducted into the National Softball Hall of Fame. Ben is being inducted as a player.
Bill Ketterer, Lincoln – Bill began his coaching career in 1948. The list of his former players reads like a Nebraska All-Star line-up, including Hall of Fame Glen Reed. He has coached state championship teams almost perennially. Bill received the Jim Lewis Award in 1976. He had a master coaching techniques in addition to producing winners. He emphasized having fun. He retired from active coaching in 1978. Bill is being inducted as a manager.
Bob Sorensen, Grand Island – Bob has been active in sports since childhood through the Grand Island Parks & Recreation Department. He had a great impact on improving all youth recreational programs, including softball. He has been responsible for the girl’s softball program in Grand Island since 1970. In 1977, Bob was the recipient of the Jim Lewis Award for his contribution to the growth and development of softball in Nebraska. Sorensen was also responsible for building the softball complex and concessions stand in Grand Island. The profits are used to support the girl’s softball program. He has been co-director of the girls fast pitch state tournament for the past 14 years. Bob is being inducted for meritorious service.
James “Jim” McKay, Blair – Jim overcame many obstacles in his life including polio. He began his softball career in 1964. He played with several teams in Blair and Fremont. In 1966 he began umpiring all the games in the Men’s Slow Pitch league in Blair. Through his tireless efforts he also served as official scorekeeper, groundskeeper, statistician and newspaper reporter for that same league. From 1976-1980 Jim was umpire-in-chief for the Omaha Softball Association. He umpired district, state, regional and national tournaments. He umpired in the College World Series. Jim died April 13, 1981 at the age of 40. James is being inducted as an umpire.
Harry Pappas, Lincoln – Harry was a player, team manager and organizer of softball starting in 1938. He helped establish the Men’s AAA fast pitch league in Lincoln and the old timers’ league in 1965. He managed some of the top fast pitch teams in Lincoln. An excellent hitter, he served as a league official and served on several state committees. Harry is being inducted as a player.
Bob Valentine, Aurora – Bob was a player, coach, umpire, district commissioner and served on many state committees. He pitched for teams in Hastings, Grand Island, Aurora and United States Army. He sometimes worked 70-80 games a week. He was also a player, coach and official in baseball, basketball and boxing. Bob is being inducted as a player.
O.W. “Bill” Smith, Fremont – Bill was appointed State Commissioner in 1967. He organized the Nebraska Softball Association in 1965 and was President of Nebraska Softball Association from 1965-1976. He originated the Women’s College World Series and served as director of the first Women’s College World Series. He originated the Nebraska Softball Hall of Fame and Nebraska Softball Scholarship program. He started the Nebraska Softball newspaper. “Bill” served as National ASA President and Vice President, National Youth Vice Chairman and served on numerous national committees. O.W. “Bill” is being inducted as a commissioner.
Cathy Buell, Fremont – Cathy started her softball career in Fremont, Nebraska and helped lead Diers Mustangs to the state title in 1965. She was one of the driving forces behind the successful John F. Kennedy College team from Wahoo, Nebraska. She was instrumental in them winning the first Women’s College World Series in 1969, 1970 and 1971. After graduation she moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she played for the Lauerla Ladies, one of the top eight teams in the nation. Cathy is being inducted as a player.
Glen Reed, Lincoln – Glen played centerfield for 20 years in Lincoln and he played a major role in bringing his teams to 12 state championships. He was a consistent .300 hitter and alert intelligent base runner and an outstanding fielder. He was a great inspiration to the team and the younger ball players. Glen was a physical education instructor at Dawes Jr. High School in Lincoln. Glen is being inducted as a player.
Nina Korgan, Syracuse – Nina started pitching for the Syracuse Bluebirds in 1935. She led the team to state championships in 1935, 1936 and 1937. In 1941 she joined the Higgins Midgets team from Tulsa, Oklahoma and pitched them to the National Title with four consecutive shut outs and 67 strikeouts. She joined the Jax Maids of New Orleans in 1942 and led them to five National Championships. Nina retired from active play in 1948 and was inducted in the National Hall of Fame in 1960. Nina is being inducted as a player.
Tom Rea, Seward – For more than 20 years Tom has played, umpired and organized softball and baseball in the Seward, Nebraska area. Tom played baseball in the old Cornhusker league in the 1960’s. He has umpired for boys, girls, men and women from pee-wee to semi-pro. He umpired the state softball tournament in Lincoln from 1969-1974. He worked district girls fast pitch games in Seward for several years. Tom founded the Seward Men’s Fast Pitch league in 1954 and is still very active in the league.  He is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Nebraska Softball Association. Tom is being inducted as an umpire.
Bill LaValle, Polk – Bill dedicated his life for the youth of Polk, Nebraska. He organized leagues, teams and championship tournaments for softball, basketball, football and baseball for both boys and girls. He acted as coach/manager, umpire, referee, tournament director and a great friend to the youth of Nebraska. Many of the programs that he started are still in existence. A tribute to what he shared. Bill is being inducted as a manager.
John Register, Fremont – John coached as many as three teams over sixty players in one year, girls junior, girls senior and women’s fast pitch. His teams played under the sponsorship of Korshoj Lunberjills, Fremont and they won the state title in 1972 and the regional title in 1977. John served as district commissioner for the state of Nebraska for several years and served on many committees for softball. John is being inducted as a manager.
Jim Hall, Norfolk – Jim Hall spent many hours and many dollars of his own for the youth of Nebraska in many different sports and activities. He established and coached the Norfolk Jets girl’s softball team which later became the Norfolk Prairie Maids. Jim was an aggressive competitor who treated his opponents with fairness, generosity and courtesy at all times. Jim passed away in 1968 and the “Jim Hall” memorial was inaugurated in 1968. Jim is being inducted as a manager.
Al Hawthorne, Lincoln – Al started to work for the city of Lincoln in 1932 in charge of the playground program for the city. He took time out to serve in the U.S. Army Signal Corp and then returned to the City Parks and Recreation Department to serve until his retirement in 1977.  He was in charge of the Men’s softball program and he resurrected the Men’s Slow Pitch program in Lincoln the AAA slow pitch league is named in his honor. Al is being inducted for meritorious service.
Don Joe, Fremont – Don Joe started his coaching career in 1961 at Fremont, Nebraska. In 1965 and 1966 his team won the state women’s championship and participated in the regional tournament. Don coached the John F Kennedy College Women’s team form 1967-1970. His team won the state championship 3 out of the 4 years. He coached Garrett’s Construction, Lincoln. In 1974 they won the state title. He was co-founder of the Women’s College World Series. He team won the national title in 1968, 1969 an 1970. Don is being inducted as a manager.
Lee Bacon, Pawnee City – Lee Bacon known as “Bake” to everyone is Southeast, Nebraska. He coached softball teams for over forty seven years in Pawnee City, Nebraska. In 1924 his team had a 37 game winning streak. Lee served as groundskeeper, scorekeeper, manager, umpire and fan. He was known as the “Connie Mack” of softball. Through his efforts softball became a reality in Southeast, Nebraska. Lee is being inducted as a manager.
James Lewis, Lincoln – Jim served as a state softball commissioner from 1951-1966. He also served as the first superintendent of recreation for the city of Lincoln, from 1932 until 1966. During the depression years Jimmy kept the softball program going by collecting nickels and dimes at Muny field in Lincoln. The Jim Lewis Memorial Award was established in 1969 to honor those individuals who have contributed greatly to Nebraska Softball. Jim is being inducted as a commissioner.

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