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Items Needed Before Starting:

1.  All teams MUST have a team admin. to add players/coaches to team.

2.  You will need First & Last Name, complete address and DOB for all players. For coaches you will need the same information along with a phone number and email address. The Member ID helps a lot as well if they know theirs.

3.  All teams MUST have a Head Coach listed.

4.  Mandatory for at least 1 adult to be registered/insured with every team.

5.  Team admins. are NOT charged, therefore are NOT registered/insured unless they have another role marked as well.

6.  Use legal names on profiles of players/coaches when adding/creating.

7.  Any coach under 18 years old, use the Jr. Coach role, as a background check can not be legally run.

8.  Mandatory for at least 1 coach to be ACE Educated, but highly recommended to have at least 2 in case one is absent.

9.  Mandatory for ALL adults in the dugout or on the field of play to pass a USA Softball background check.

10.  Birth certificates/drivers license are required for verification by JO Commissioners before your team can be approved.

11.  ID Cards CAN NOT be sent until all birth certificates have been received and approved by your local JO Commissioner and payment is also received.

12.  Coaches MUST log into their RegisterUSASoftball profile to purchase with a credit card background check and ACE Education.

13.  If an error is discovered and you have submitted your invoice but NOT PAID, we can make changes.

14.  Once payment has been submitted, there are NO REFUNDS.