District 7

Youth Districts District 7


  Umpire In Chief                             Commissioner
Carlos Sandoval                             Kurk Wiedel
622 East 13th Street                      1030 Barger
Crete NE  68333                             Hebron, NE 68370
402-418-1726                                 H 402-768-7154
csandoval@neb.rr.com                  C 402-768-3539
                                                       W 402-768-7287

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Mandatory District #7 JO Team Classification


10U Class B                None

12U Class B                None

14U Class B                Flames of NE-Parr -             Gibbon

16U Class B                None

18U Class B                David City Blue Blaze-          David City


2016 JO Amendment Changes


- Fees have been adopted to reflect the following:

                Team Fee:         $25.00

                Individual:         $20.00 - $250 Deductible

                                        $30.00 - $150 Deductible


- Junior Olympic Class C & D teams are now allowed to pick up three players

  including the pitching position.


- Class C & D 16U and 18U teams will be combined into one division for

   championship play.


- 8U – Define Outfield as an area 15 feet behind a line from the back side of

  each base, from first to second and from second to third base shall be

  designated as the outfield. At the start of each pitch, all outfielders shall be

  positioned in the outfield.


- 8U – Time will be called by the umpire when any infielder including the

  pitcher has the ball in the infield area (dirt or any other surface.) Batter

  runner or runners may take only one (1) base on an overthrow from the

  infielder or outfielder from the time of throw.


- There will be two (2) umpires used during 8-Under state tournament.


- JO State tournament first games may not begin prior to 1:00 PM on Friday

  in Classes B, C & D unless July 4th is on a Friday when it can start as early

  as 9:00 am. Class A can begin as early as 9:00 am on any Friday to ease

  the schedule due to the number of teams.


- Championship Fees

                Districts (All divisions)   - $230.00

                8 & Under                  - $225.00

                10 – 18 & Under          - $275.00


- Individual registration will now take place on-line at Register ASA.

2016 JO ASA Playing Rule Change


- Removed the requirement for Chin Straps to be worn with batting helmets

   in all JO divisions of play. Chin straps are not mandated but still allowed.



League Meetings


Please contact me when you are planning to hold your annual league meetings. I will make every effort to attend the meeting so I can provide you more information about the upcoming season as well as hand out the ASA Rule books, scorebooks, and other information.




State JO Player Representative


Dan McElravy from Crete was once again elected to be the State JO Player Representative for the 2016 year. Dan was also awarded the Jim Lewis Award for his contribution to softball. Well deserved and congratulations Dan!!




Individual Registration Program


All JO Teams that participate in ASA Championship play (districts, state) must register using the individual Register ASA online registration program. Any JO team who does not participate in Championship play will have an option to register as a team.


JO Individual Fees - $20.00 ($250 Deductible) or $30.00 ($150 Deductible) JO Team Fee - $25.00 per team  




State Championship Roster Deadline


State rosters are due on or before June 1st.

Entry Fees: 10U – 18U -$230 (Districts) and $275 (State).

8 & Under State fee is $225.









2016 How to Register a Team





RegisterASA Website






Background check, ACE Certification & Bollinger Insurance Information


Background Check & ACE Certification




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