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2018 MSP Senior Playing Rules 50, 55 & 60-over

  • 19 December 2017
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11.25 MSP Senior Rules - Men’s Slow Pitch 50-over, 55-over and 60-over will use the senior rules set by USA Softball. 

(a)     ARC: 6 to 12 feet

(b)     Pitching Count:  1 ball and 1 strike

(c)     Pitchers Box:  Pitchers can pitch from anywhere in the box, which is the width of the rubber and extends back 10 feet. (2 by 10 feet).  One foot must be touching the box or inside when pitcher starts his delivery.  Other USA Softball-type rules apply (no quick pitch, no behind the back)

(d)     Pitching Mat: The strike mat will be 34 1/2 inches long & 21 inches wide.  The mat will cover up the original home plate up to the front edge of the plate.  A legal pitch striking any part of the mat will be a strike.

(e)     Five-runs-an-inning rule:  Teams can score only five runs per inning until the 7th inning, during which unlimited rums are allowed.  When the potential fifth run reaches base, announce that. “Five on one” means fifth run on first base.  “Five on two” means fifth run on second.

(f)      Flip-flop rule:  When visitors are ahead by 10 or more runs at the start of the 7th inning, the home team bats first, flip flop is mandatory.

(g)     Home Plate:  If they touch original home plate they are out.  Catcher’s plate must tag original plate while in possession of the ball to record an out before runner crosses 2nd home plate.  Runner may not return to third after crossing the commitment line (20 feet from home).  If a catcher tags the runner after he crosses the 2nd home plate the runner automatically is safe.

(h)     Courtesy Runners:  Unlimited per inning.  A player can be a courtesy runner once per inning.  If the courtesy runner is on base when his turn to bat comes, he is out on the base and then bats.  (Any roster player can be a courtesy runner.  No courtesy runner for a courtesy runner except in case of injury that forces the first courtesy runner from the game). Courtesy runners officially are in the game once they touch the base.  Announce the runner’s number.  (Scorekeepers track this. Umpires should too.

(i)       Extra Batters:  Teams can bat all players, whether that’s 10, 11, 12 or more

(j)      Sliding:  No sliding at first base (batter-runner) Except to avoid a collision.

(k)     Extra-inning rule: International tie-breaker rule applies.  Last batter of previous inning starts at second base.  He cannot be lifted for a courtesy runner until he reaches third.

(l)       Bats: Nearly every bat made in 2012 or earlier is legal; newer bats need USA Softball certification stamp senior bat don’t need bat testing 2000, 2004, 2014.

(m)   Home Runs:  Excess ones are outs.  When a home run is hit, all offensive players can walk off the field (hit and sit is legal). 2 home runs are allowed per game.

(n)     Injuries:  If a player has to leave the game for any reason other than ejection, and the team has no sub, an out is recorded the FIRST time the player’s position comes to bat no out after that.

(o)     Anyone may wear mitts.

(p)      Game time starts with coin flip. There will be a 65 minute time limit.

(q)     Equalizer Rule When playing a team that has 6 or more players from an unequal age or skill level.  The older or lower still rated team receives an equalizer of 5 runs.  1 run per inning from the 2nd inning thru the 6th inning or an 11th player.  Or if the whole team is a division older or lower rated team they will receive both the runs and the 11th player.  The team giving the equalizer shall be the home team

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