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Adult Softball

MSP and WSP Teams 2016

MSP, MSP Masters, WSP and Coed with 3 team state tournament will play a round robin format followed by a single elimination tournament. - guarantees 3 games.

MSP, MSP Masters, WSP and Coed with a 4-6 team state tournament will play a 3 game guarantee bracket.

State tournament with 7 or more teams will play a double elimination tournament.

All adult slow pitch (MSP, WSP, Masters & Coed) will provide their own softballs in championship play.  The softball will be an 12" optic yellow red stitch .52 core and .300 compression.

Run Rule: 20 runs after three innings; 15 runs after four innings; 10 runs after five innings

Coed all classes, a line will be marked in the outfield 200 feet from home plate.  outfielders must remain behind the line until the ball is hit.

Rule 6 Section 3H: The ball must be delivered with a perceptible arc and reach a height of at least 6 feet from the ground while not exceeding 10 feet from the ground.  Comments: The height of the arc went from 12 feet to a maximum height of 10 feet.  Slow Pitch wanted this implemented.

Teams with a .500 record at a state tournament will be classified in the same class or higher the following year provided the team has four (4) or more players that participated the preceeding season.

Adult slow pitch state tournaments may begin Friday at 7:30 pm. No special request.

 State tournament entry fee $275

Home Runs - 4 home runs ( Masters 35, 40, 45-over, MSP B & C, Coed B and C, WSP C. The batter is ruled out for any in excess

2 home runs (MSP D, Coed D, WSP D, Church Rec) - The batter is ruled out for any in excess

1 home run (MSP 50,55 & 60-over)

0 home runs MSP F, Coed E, F, F1 WSP D, E - The half inning is completed.

0 home funs MSP E & E1 - The batter is ruled out for any in excess

Nebraska ASA will provide all State Champions with a State Championship t-shirt and trophy.

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